Slow on hobby, heavy on gun-fights

I have been mostly working and spending my time reading which is why there has been few updates.
   As a few of you dear readers and fellow bloggers may have picked up, I do not live in the fancy parts of this city. I may have mentioned car-burnings, fights and a smaller riot in this area. My neighbour have been seriously wounded in a knifefight so he decided to leave the area, but kept the apartment and is currently renting it to some not-so-serious people - friends of his:

Last Thursday there was a ruccus in my apartment-building staircase, your typical concrete-50's-Soviet-style staircase, and to my surprise (well not surprise really, more of a resigned sigh), three loud bangs (there was, however, five casings). Some shouting and after half a minute I ended my phonecall and went to see outside of the kitchen-window. Two "newly arrived" men (one in a pink bathrobe! and another in just his boxers) threw out another man, unknown to me. Two of the "evicted" man's friends just stood there by their car - which to my surprise wasn't a black BMW(!) - and looked aggressively at the two but did nothing. I slipped back into the shadows of my kitchen.
     I went out to the staircase and found a small hole in a little storage-room and these which probably explained the hole(s?):

In a cold-blooded fashion, typical of ALL llamas, I went back in my apartment and got me one of the WotR-movement trays to have something to compare the size of the little brass casings. I hate this neighbourhood. And I can't say I like this, our malfunctioning legalsystem giving almost no punishment to gun-slingers.

In hobby-news, there is very little - the visits to BoLS are few and far between for my part since the tone is quite... well, not my cup of tea. It is unknown to me if any of the other forums or sites have something new to show for regarding LotR: SBG. Didn't get an early copy of the new White Dwarf either.
     I am currently working on some simple movement trays for the Wargs for Misty Mountains. Pictures will follow. And I finally got to watch the Hunger Games - to my surprise it was actually a really good film. It had a sort of matiné-feeling, while still keeping some sort of sharpness which was unexpected for a child/young teenager-movie.

My current work-schedule is what one would refer to as "crap" and the weather is on the same scale, so we shall see how much hobby will be done. With this I shall take my leave! Let the games begin!

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  1. This story is just so funny, even if only half of it would be true. Typically llama behaviour to just enjoy a spectacle and go to bed.

    Reminds me of when I lived in that area and the police were chasing criminals outside of my apartment and I stood there on the balcony watching, eating a plate of spaghetti, and laughing -- FoBs can become desensitized as well.


  2. Hahaha, yes! That is so good, dinner amusement.

    The de-sense mainly comes from a trip to Russia, a spectacle indeed the whole country, in which I learned to just smile and genuinely feel happy to have the opportunity to study human behaviour. If needed, I would of course interfere, but genereally I think the prime directive mustn't be messed with.

    The story is 87% true, many details have been altered.

    /Llama, writing un-inlogged