Red and yellow leaves

Still no sunshine, autumn is heavy upon us with his rain and brownish coloured leaves piling up everywhere. With coffee and long walks one can endure and sometimes even like rainy autumns like this.

Rönnbär*. The depressing sign of a long winter to come.

Still no painting but there's a rather resolut atmosphere in this hobby-den of mine that something will be done within the next 36 hours, work or no work, social life or no social life! It is time for the great revenge on my time! I shall say no, no and no to all social obligations - whether they be weddings, divorce-parties or baptisms or even birthdays! No to social life and yes to minifigs and painting!
    Since I have nothing special to report hobby-wise, the following links will have to do. For your perusal:

A really good battle-report over at Adeptus Windy City.

Some nice bases from GW:s blog.

Interesting conversion on a blog. I don't particulary like the model itself, but the painting and conversion is worth a look. I am sure there are other things on this blog
A short but accurate blogpost on finecast.

*) Don't know what these are called in the lingua franca of our time, but I guess you could call them fox-berries or sourthings.

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