Malbeth the Seer and King Arvedui

Generally, painted models seem to attract most attention. I can understand this, but I am myself a great connoiseur of bare conversions and naked sculpts without primer. Anyways, here are two naked models, that will get a lick of paint on Friday when this crummy workweek have passed.

It seems all I do is complain about work and work and work but one should be happy one has a job, in this strange cold country of ours where the money just dries out when it hits the ground, like a spring rain in a western Pakistani desert.

Aaanyways... As gently recommended by mr FoB and other readers, I will - as also originally planned - redo the shields on the Arnorian knights. And when the old Arnor Warriors saw the artifical light of the night for the first time in a year, I reached an epiphany: These are badly painted models! I thought to myself. I have become slightly better at this painting business!

This is the image that triggered me to buy the horrendously expensive "happy" couple Arvedui and Malbeth (152 SEK! That's like 10 000 GBP... or a billion yuh ess deeh). Picture from the 2008 battle report at Adeptus Windy city by a mr PTbuckle.

Personal Ramblings
As a healthy anonymousity (is that a word?) is applied by this Llama, I can sometimes feel this blog lacks a certain personality, that it sometimes lacks the warmth of other blogs and places on the web where the writers and creators are open with their identy. This is why I have updated the blog with a new page "About Llama" where there is excessive indulgence in my person.
   This lack of warmth is also the reason why I flounder on about the following:

I have noticed there has been some aggressions wented upon people in my proximity: Highly understandable and indeed warranted such aggresssions like knuckle-sandwiches and bare-knuckle "dialogs" (of course, there's a slight exaggeration going on here). Perhaps, I humbly admitted to myself one bloody nose later, I should do tests? Internet-tests were recommended by similar minds on the forum I frequent: One regarding Emotional Intelligence.

I am officially emotionally retarded! XD
    I did it honest and didn't try to score higher - it was quite obvious which were the correct answers and not. To follow it up, my marxist friends told me my political views might suggest I am a horrible racist. One shitty test later, it was settled once and for all: I am indeed an undereducated racist:

The tests above are obviously flawed.

One interesting thing, when I finished the last (other) two tests and talked about the results over at earlier mentioned relaxed forum (which has a healthy sceptiscism to psychology) there was a strong majority of INTJ-people, I was one of them, and it is strange indeed, that a majority of said forumites (at least those taking the test) were of the same type.

To wrap things up: Don't actually think I had a point here, I just wanted to show off my results. Links can be given to each of the tests if you want a good laugh and learn very little about yourself.
    With this comes the end of these ramblings and it will be quite dark on the blog for the week to come, sorry about that. Good bye!

*) The other being the Danish mensa-test which was the only okay test, IMO. Links can be provided.

GRAND EDIT: Blogger seems to be a bit shaky right now. Just lost all my stats (closing to 30k pageviews which I was going to celebrate) together with a whole bunch of other bloggers. Here's hoping the entire blog don't go down :)

Ah, while I am at it, why not spam this whole blogpost that has so little with LotR anyway with some more crap. From BoLS, for some reason, this cracked me up:

And a little note about Detroit and its police. This loosely ties in with some of my statements farther above.
 Is this true?

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