Painting of Arvedui & Malbeth

Painting of King Arvedui and Malbeth the Seer. IMHO Malbeth looks like a drunk old bench-sitting man who stumbles up on unsteady legs to "tell the truth" about something uninteresting that has bothered him.
    The whole drunk-thing is because of the angle the picture was taken. These are nice models, and have been easy to paint. They get 24.3 on a scale of 26.9.

Tidying up the paintjob is left. Also noticed that Malbeth got some paint chipped off. Already?
       The seer will have his inner robes painted much lighter and with a slight pastellish tint. The King was left unsharp because of two reasons: The painting isn't that great, despite x-amount of hours put in. And secondly, the model was not in great condition - while it had very little in the mouldline-department, the whole model seemed warped and distorted, like the mould had been bent and squeezed.

Thats all folks!

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