Rohan versus Rivendell

A magnificent win for your humble battle-reporter! Battle report is currently being put together. The images are just awful, but the coffee we drank during the battle was great.

A few links for your humble perusal:

Paul's Lord of the Rings Miniatures. Some Haradrim stuff.
Tips on photographing minis. Yes, yes, there are a millions of these, but this one seemed uncomplicated. This blog would surely benefit from reading this one instead of me just linking to it.
Interesting project of building a WHFB-ish house.
      This and that on The Magnificent Bastards. Well known page. I would presume this one has some sort of ties with Pointhammered? Or am I wrong?
      While this blog, called Roles, Rules and Rolls is about dungeonmastering and roleplaying, it is still a quite interesting thing - the material is well done indeed and can concordedly be worth a look for us not-so-general geeks.

And a little linky to the Warhammer Forum with a bunch of naked conversions which I found entertaining and interesting.

So, battle report will follow. As always, go to either (Rough) War of the Ring or Dramatic Katastase's blog to found good battle reports. Links to your right.


Wuoops, forgot a bunch of things, like this blog (which like Roles, Rules and Rolls) has some fine images of old-school monsters (träsnitt - wooden cutouts or however the translation would be). If you can't read Italian I suggest you turn on translate, there's some interesting content on this one.
    And lastly, there will be a big celebration for the +30 000 pageviews coming up after the battle-report.

Edit no 2: Hehehe... a great example of a certain behaviour (and also a good article in its own - but I found the dialogue to be almost identical to those one have to endure on game nights where the players aren't LotR-players).

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