Late news about The Hobbit

This has problably been seen by ALL of the interwebs by now, but better late etc.


Oh, and by the way, hithero is probably gay.


Where is the thread?

Where is the thread with wood-themed WH-stuff? Looked at first, second and third pages of the Glass Cabinet at TWF. Could someone please enlighten me, yeees?


Edheldhu Wood Elves update...

Huorns - indomitable, resilience two. Wicked awesome!

Huorns. A bit of a separation. They basically function like the Feral Uruks or Berserkers.

The foliage in yellow light. Don't know the settings on my camera. Will look into this, tweak and return with pictures that actually reflect reality.

White light and no flash made this piece of art.

And flash-box gave this. The most true-to-reality-ish looking picture of the foliages' colour...

Again, yellow light and no flash - with a really nice background that make it looks like something from D&D.

The motha-flippin' Ent! Aaaaaight!!! Woooooohoooo! ROFL!

Paketet är här nu!

Nu kom all terräng! Juippieee!

In English: The Package is here now! All the terrain has arrived!

Men jag menar ju förstås, alla terrängfixargrejer, inte actual terrain.

Vidare, för att hitta LOTR-grejer på CMON, sök på "lotr" inte "lord of the rings".


Update on themed trays for LotR Woodsies

Bonglidonglie gives his regards and hälsar att the pùkelmen (puk, from svenskans "hasch", "puk") is only some stone faces att this moment. However, there will be at least one "Stone Guardian" produced by mister Llama.

Note that the unit filler to the right, in form of a 40mm base, has some stone-works (primed black, not painted yet) behind the tree that doesn't show. And can someone please inform me of the correct use of has/have...

To sadden all you not fond of W*rh*ammer-gayness and jaowsiness, the stones will at some point get a raowsy "illuminated" blue paintjob. Flourescent engravings in a very jaowsy way...