Future of GW's LotR-range?

This job application might something I have totally misunderstood, or it could be an elaborate hoax:

Middle-earth Model Designer: Nottingham, UK

Posted on Wednesday 20 January, 2016


 We are looking for another enthusiastic Model Designer to join our Middle-earth team, who can realise ideas using traditional or digital methods.

You will need to be adaptable to the brief, work together with other designers and turn ideas into valuable models for our Middle-earth range of products. You will be responsible for creating exciting new models that are complementary and consistent to Middle-earth’s I.P.

You will need to work to a given brief and meet scheduled deadlines enthusiastically in a design team environment, the Forge World Studio. You must be able to turn your designs into products that can be easily reproduced by manufacturing.

We know that what makes this job hard is creating high quality new models that are complementary and consistent to Middle-earth’s I.P. within a strict timescale.

Working at Games Workshop

At Games Workshop we are looking for people who will do their best to understand the needs of the company and to put those needs first when they are at work. Because of this we believe that what you are like, hence the attitude you show to work and the way you choose to behave is even more important than your skills or experience.

Other Essential Information

Closing date: There is no closing date for this job.  Once a suitable candidate has been found the advert will close.

How to Apply

If you wish to apply you must send us a letter telling us why you want this job and a portfolio of relevant work. We select candidates for interview on the content of their letters. This is a great opportunity for you to let us know that you understand what we are looking for.

No letter, no interview.

It may also help to include an up-to-date CV.

When you have gathered this information, you can click here to apply.

[removed]. Please type the job title in the subject line of your e-mail to help us to effectively respond to your query
Important Information

Link was found via DakkaDakka, on their subforum LotR, so credits goes or go to whomever or whoever posted it. This is how the probable virus-link looks like, press and die, if you'd like to:


Some would say that the bolded sentence in their advert is cheeky, I find it cunty, instead of funny - I sincerely hate, with most of my heart, HR-people (just the term "HR" when used in Sweden makes my blood boil) and the idiots phrasing such adverts, as well as all these middle-level to high-level company fuckwits that are responsible for the interviews. 

This advert was actually quite nice (to be fair), with the exception of the thing noted just above. I mean, we all know you will get 10 000 idiots without credentials applying, but they will apply even if you add that little sarcastic piece of "dry" humour or whatever it is. That is not what differentiate Germans from Englenders, so redo it, Nottinghammers.

I kind of wandered off the topic here, which of course is: Can this be the path to a rejuvenation of LotR? Or is it just BS? Please subscribe, like, leave a comment in the box below, update and leave a comment in the box below and like, like, like, +1, +1... god how I hate the internet and all she contains, sometimes...


Iron Hills Chariot: Rams finished

Now I just need to attach the reins and the three yokes and the middle-thing which the yokes are attached to, whatever it is called. These guys are turning out nice, although there are still some details left to finish.

The whole model will be based on an upwards hill and not as straight-forward as this mockup shows. I have censored the crew, you need something to look forward to, I think...

I made a bunch of different horns for variation. In our Earthly nature, the horns may differ even more, but I settled for three different pairs of horns that all look kind of the same to keep it nice and tidied.

A WIP-picture. There are three basic types of rams here: Jumping, running and trudging. I have used Tamiya putty, Super Sculpey, White Sculpey, Green Stuff (Kneadatite) and iron wire and approximately 1 billion images of goats and rams to get to this point.


Happy New Year! 2015 here we go!

A new year, a brand new 2015 to fill with all sorts of stuff.

I have been sick and feeling sorry for myself (see illustrative illustration above) but I am now better.

Back to my old self, currently sculpting this beauty. He is as smug as I am. Or perhaps this real hero:

Yes, that is all me; I photoshopped the fuck out of Ryan Gosling. Christmas came (that is why I uploaded my picture of the Hero/human Ryan Gosling - also, no pun intended) and went and suddenly 2014 was over and now the new year, the year of Back to the Future for some reason (as seen and grinded down to dust on Le Leddit/Tumblr/Imgur - speaking of which, here is a link to mr FoB (and others of course, if you care) about the new year and the gym and such and also humour) is here. Do you like my confusing mixtures of subsentences (and paranthesises)?

Other than pretending to sculpt Zelda (or Link, can't really differentiate those two) I am awaiting the new season of The Walking Dead.

But other than that I will go back to my simulation of Sweden... it is an in-depth, numerically heavy system that takes all different variables of our society, grinds it down to fairy-trans-dust and sprinkle it out in an easily navigated system, just like the Swedish school system and our high-functioning medical system. Good bye, and don't forget to post your best New Year's promises, and don't forget to fill my gym with your lazy bum! Good bye!


Small timeout

Captain's log, stardate 1020202:

Yesterday I got sick. This morning I got a weird allergic reaction which was very unpleasant and likely connected to the sickness suffered yesterday. It got better and then it went really bad, my face swell up and I got numb in my left hand and the face. Went to doctor, he gave me some simple medications that may or may not work (it has worked so-and-so up to now). Face is looking okayish now.

Point is the hobby is off for the next days, I can't sit down, it itches and I am terrified of suffering an analphylactic shock when I am sleeping (sure there is a phobia named after this, but this is mere rationality considering how this weird thing has manifested itself up to now). Morale is actually really low at the moment here. Can't even wear pants - which may or may not be a good thing, now that I am thinking of it :)


Guldur War Troll done

There are still some details left to fix, as traditions bides here on Llama's War of the Ring.

Some of you might remember that I mentioned I wanted to "balance" the model somehow (after adding the chunky leg-armour)... after adding a shield as an ad-hoc armour-piece, the whole thing got tied together, I think...

We, the council of llamas, find the project to be satisfying...

Some form of buttons and rivets are very much needed here, but other than that I'd say the project's done.

Also, this model is as fit as the troll from the movies...

This post is now turning into a blend of various different crap... just like India...
... most notably due to the reason that I have finally finished the four basic GBoG-crew. They look okay and nothing more. Someday I might paint them.

Speaking of Warhammer (no, I wasn't), these two models are 1:48 scale, which is now the offical scale for the "Heroic 32mm" models of Games Wokshop: Army of Sigmar. Why am I posting this image, except for complaining abput GeeDubb's new gigantic dwarfs? Why, I am promoting my Valar-project, of course!


6 to 6, 7 days of wonders; Regional Vaycay

Day six to day six, seven days of regional vacation, here in the Ultimate North, A K A Svedala of Thule. Gibberish just typed simply means I am going off on an adventure, mr Frodo, and I don't intend to come back, not before a week has passed. A better, more professional blogger would of course have made a nice little storage of blogposts which he with a simple swipe of a finger would have published when on his regional vaycay. Not this fluffy llama, my posts are true and simple, just like his love. I also speak in third person, which we should stop doing.
      The thing with painting a bunch of models for mr FoB, making a Guldur War Troll and an Iron Hills Battle Wagon is that it is a very slow boil, but then suddenly, all will be done. It is a ketchup effect, a very slow but powerful satisfaction that awaits, if you power through [fon.: thruff] or "thru" as it probably should be spelled.

Three dwarves (with silly skirts which I will do something about), six rams (a grand total of 12 ears, 12 detailed horns, 24 ugly and badly sculpted legs still left to sculpt), a big wagon with a bunch of ornaments and rivets and three versions of the Boar Repeter Crossbow (the one depicted, a copy of the movie crossbow and a Chinese one) will need finishing before this whole project is done.
    I have enjoyed at least 40% of the time doing this, and that might be a record.

Men at Arms or just Dismounted Knights. Mr FoB has a certain colour scheme which he demands, and seeing as how he gave me a very grand (and expensive) box of my favourite models (Mirkwood Palace Guard for the flipping win!), I think I might do as he wishes.

The Guldur War Troll has gotten some leg armour. I need to balance the model by expanding it's silhouette, so to say, around his waist... I have been toying with the idea of barrels and pouches, but the guy is so obviously dressed for battle, rather than raiding, that I can't bring myself doing that...

I am just going to end here with the repetition that:

1) I have a deal to close with a degenerate - he had the guts to increase the price from the original, settled one, so I need to navigate this in a socially acceptable way. I want the thing he is selling, but I am not willing to accept someone trying to fool me.

2) I will return to the banlieue for a few days in order to deal with some social things - things that normal human beings consider enjoyable, but which I consider slightly inconvenient... as they say: We come in many different shape and forms, some just are squares forced into round holes by society (that's what she said).


Guldur War Troll and farm-animals

Hey ho one and all, this is Llama coming at you with the speed of love. Faster than the speed of love, in fact.

How would the world look like if it was made out of Rich Evanses? Better than a world filled with love, that is for sure...
    But this blog is not about Jack Flak Packard or Rich The Birthday Boy Evans, no, it is about IIILON HIRRU BATTELU WAGO!!!! SÅDESKA! Kawasaki, nagasaki-des'ka!

You may notice the obvious differences from the movie Battle Wagon from my version. The reason behind this difference is because I have actually been toying with the idea of making a mould of this rather invested project... I would not want to fuck with someone's IP or movie-rights...

I am currently making a new repeter crossbow based on a Chinese design from the 16th century.

Other than that I started conversion on the old troll... greatly inspired by this mega beast... (see below).

Again, in case I would ever want to make a mould, I toned down the characteristical hand-weapon-gear-thingies, and I must admit I really like those pointy things shown here, better than the movie version. It's a first one for everything, I suppose. Those movie-weapons just seems as such overkill...

The overall pose also got more balanced when I armoured it. Now he is less "superman taking off" and more "attacking, angry Guldur War Troll".


Need to sculpt straps to his chest armour and the Dol Guldur weapon-shields.

But back to the "Copper Berg War Wagon" (non-IP-infringing name, I suppose) The rams will pull the chariot by the help of these fantastic plastic pieces and assorted sticks.

An Indian babe? Here, on a racist hate blog? Surely there is a reason for that, you old Pharisee? Yep, there are reasons, but please, do keep on reading to find out. "Cliffhanger".

Front of the wagon has been heavily altered from the movie version for reasons already mentioned.

Yes, the rams at the top of the picture above have been discontinued, they were indeed way too large. Instead, I bit the sour apple and made four new, smaller ones, and later an additional two rams. These six new rams look way too small, but they will be beefed out and will look quite nice, I hope, when they are done.

Here are the three crew: A driver, a gunner and a loader. All "inspired" by Dwarf Hammers, nothing more, nothing less.

Speaking of nothing less: Mr FoB, I am now painting these fucks. My God are these beautiful models. Perry Bros goes from strength to strength: Perfect armour, very few mouldlines, more than likely historically correct (have no clue) and best of all: They are fucking awesome! And that comes from a guy that has 0 interest in historical armoured dudes! Perry Bros FTW!

You wondered about the Indian babe? Well, Garuda, there's your answer.

Lastly, I would like you to take a look at Joshuas blog, the guy has been typing up some quality texts, so do yourself a favour and read it.


Substitute Sunday...

... where I strongly suggest you substitute substitute for counterfeit.

This is one of the first I did using the tiny bits of metal sprue that sometimes accompany metal models. A good first try. Today I am all about making moulds of my own stuff and nothing about being Chinese, so this can be perceived as a curiosity in the history of Llama's War of the Ring.
    With this fresh in our minds I will say this: 

No he escaneado el libro todavía! I might get to it at a later date, but this new year has made me entirely tired and lazy.

Also, I recommend that you stop by youtube and google some "trailer park boys podcast" in their google-search bar with your Altavista, and enjoy yourself five hours later when the search is done. The humour is a bit vulgar sometimes, and there are a some stoner jokes (well crafted I would say) and such but the characters are the epitomy of lovable.