Iron Hills Chariot: Rams finished

Now I just need to attach the reins and the three yokes and the middle-thing which the yokes are attached to, whatever it is called. These guys are turning out nice, although there are still some details left to finish.

The whole model will be based on an upwards hill and not as straight-forward as this mockup shows. I have censored the crew, you need something to look forward to, I think...

I made a bunch of different horns for variation. In our Earthly nature, the horns may differ even more, but I settled for three different pairs of horns that all look kind of the same to keep it nice and tidied.

A WIP-picture. There are three basic types of rams here: Jumping, running and trudging. I have used Tamiya putty, Super Sculpey, White Sculpey, Green Stuff (Kneadatite) and iron wire and approximately 1 billion images of goats and rams to get to this point.

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  1. Those are some damn fine goats! You should cast up a few and make some dwarven cavalry! :D Keep up the fantastic work!

    1. I might do that... hmmm... Thanks for your kind words also :D