6 to 6, 7 days of wonders; Regional Vaycay

Day six to day six, seven days of regional vacation, here in the Ultimate North, A K A Svedala of Thule. Gibberish just typed simply means I am going off on an adventure, mr Frodo, and I don't intend to come back, not before a week has passed. A better, more professional blogger would of course have made a nice little storage of blogposts which he with a simple swipe of a finger would have published when on his regional vaycay. Not this fluffy llama, my posts are true and simple, just like his love. I also speak in third person, which we should stop doing.
      The thing with painting a bunch of models for mr FoB, making a Guldur War Troll and an Iron Hills Battle Wagon is that it is a very slow boil, but then suddenly, all will be done. It is a ketchup effect, a very slow but powerful satisfaction that awaits, if you power through [fon.: thruff] or "thru" as it probably should be spelled.

Three dwarves (with silly skirts which I will do something about), six rams (a grand total of 12 ears, 12 detailed horns, 24 ugly and badly sculpted legs still left to sculpt), a big wagon with a bunch of ornaments and rivets and three versions of the Boar Repeter Crossbow (the one depicted, a copy of the movie crossbow and a Chinese one) will need finishing before this whole project is done.
    I have enjoyed at least 40% of the time doing this, and that might be a record.

Men at Arms or just Dismounted Knights. Mr FoB has a certain colour scheme which he demands, and seeing as how he gave me a very grand (and expensive) box of my favourite models (Mirkwood Palace Guard for the flipping win!), I think I might do as he wishes.

The Guldur War Troll has gotten some leg armour. I need to balance the model by expanding it's silhouette, so to say, around his waist... I have been toying with the idea of barrels and pouches, but the guy is so obviously dressed for battle, rather than raiding, that I can't bring myself doing that...

I am just going to end here with the repetition that:

1) I have a deal to close with a degenerate - he had the guts to increase the price from the original, settled one, so I need to navigate this in a socially acceptable way. I want the thing he is selling, but I am not willing to accept someone trying to fool me.

2) I will return to the banlieue for a few days in order to deal with some social things - things that normal human beings consider enjoyable, but which I consider slightly inconvenient... as they say: We come in many different shape and forms, some just are squares forced into round holes by society (that's what she said).

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  1. Enjoy your adventuring mr Frodo! Have fun in that icy cold luverly wilderness known as Ultima Thule!

    1. I had a great old time, a bit hectic though sometimes. Home now and ready for the dwarf wagon!