Substitute Sunday...

... where I strongly suggest you substitute substitute for counterfeit.

This is one of the first I did using the tiny bits of metal sprue that sometimes accompany metal models. A good first try. Today I am all about making moulds of my own stuff and nothing about being Chinese, so this can be perceived as a curiosity in the history of Llama's War of the Ring.
    With this fresh in our minds I will say this: 

No he escaneado el libro todavía! I might get to it at a later date, but this new year has made me entirely tired and lazy.

Also, I recommend that you stop by youtube and google some "trailer park boys podcast" in their google-search bar with your Altavista, and enjoy yourself five hours later when the search is done. The humour is a bit vulgar sometimes, and there are a some stoner jokes (well crafted I would say) and such but the characters are the epitomy of lovable.

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