Guldur War Troll and farm-animals

Hey ho one and all, this is Llama coming at you with the speed of love. Faster than the speed of love, in fact.

How would the world look like if it was made out of Rich Evanses? Better than a world filled with love, that is for sure...
    But this blog is not about Jack Flak Packard or Rich The Birthday Boy Evans, no, it is about IIILON HIRRU BATTELU WAGO!!!! SÅDESKA! Kawasaki, nagasaki-des'ka!

You may notice the obvious differences from the movie Battle Wagon from my version. The reason behind this difference is because I have actually been toying with the idea of making a mould of this rather invested project... I would not want to fuck with someone's IP or movie-rights...

I am currently making a new repeter crossbow based on a Chinese design from the 16th century.

Other than that I started conversion on the old troll... greatly inspired by this mega beast... (see below).

Again, in case I would ever want to make a mould, I toned down the characteristical hand-weapon-gear-thingies, and I must admit I really like those pointy things shown here, better than the movie version. It's a first one for everything, I suppose. Those movie-weapons just seems as such overkill...

The overall pose also got more balanced when I armoured it. Now he is less "superman taking off" and more "attacking, angry Guldur War Troll".


Need to sculpt straps to his chest armour and the Dol Guldur weapon-shields.

But back to the "Copper Berg War Wagon" (non-IP-infringing name, I suppose) The rams will pull the chariot by the help of these fantastic plastic pieces and assorted sticks.

An Indian babe? Here, on a racist hate blog? Surely there is a reason for that, you old Pharisee? Yep, there are reasons, but please, do keep on reading to find out. "Cliffhanger".

Front of the wagon has been heavily altered from the movie version for reasons already mentioned.

Yes, the rams at the top of the picture above have been discontinued, they were indeed way too large. Instead, I bit the sour apple and made four new, smaller ones, and later an additional two rams. These six new rams look way too small, but they will be beefed out and will look quite nice, I hope, when they are done.

Here are the three crew: A driver, a gunner and a loader. All "inspired" by Dwarf Hammers, nothing more, nothing less.

Speaking of nothing less: Mr FoB, I am now painting these fucks. My God are these beautiful models. Perry Bros goes from strength to strength: Perfect armour, very few mouldlines, more than likely historically correct (have no clue) and best of all: They are fucking awesome! And that comes from a guy that has 0 interest in historical armoured dudes! Perry Bros FTW!

You wondered about the Indian babe? Well, Garuda, there's your answer.

Lastly, I would like you to take a look at Joshuas blog, the guy has been typing up some quality texts, so do yourself a favour and read it.

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  1. Wow! The wagons biiiig! Nice work on the rams. They're coming along! You could, however, not make them rams. You could in fact make them llamas and do a dwarven self portrait for the driver. Hehe, perfect Llamamobile!

    The troll looks cool. A good example of a Dol-Guldur Olog-Hai.

    Hehe, the last image looks exactly how I imagine the chaos god Tzeentch in WHFB.

    And last of all, thank you so much for the shout out! Really appreciate it!

    1. Haha, well... not sure on that llamamobile.

      In fact, the Tzeentch guy with two heads is exactly what I will try to emulate - or rather: Be inspired by and redo and force into LotR! You have a keen eye :D

  2. Ha, ha, yes make it a Llamamobile! Nice construction work on the troll weapon-shields. In other news: Great to see progress shots of the Perry figs.


    1. hehe, its just the way the llama rolls! B)

    2. Yes, I hope to finish them before going on my regional vaycay