Happy New Year! 2015 here we go!

A new year, a brand new 2015 to fill with all sorts of stuff.

I have been sick and feeling sorry for myself (see illustrative illustration above) but I am now better.

Back to my old self, currently sculpting this beauty. He is as smug as I am. Or perhaps this real hero:

Yes, that is all me; I photoshopped the fuck out of Ryan Gosling. Christmas came (that is why I uploaded my picture of the Hero/human Ryan Gosling - also, no pun intended) and went and suddenly 2014 was over and now the new year, the year of Back to the Future for some reason (as seen and grinded down to dust on Le Leddit/Tumblr/Imgur - speaking of which, here is a link to mr FoB (and others of course, if you care) about the new year and the gym and such and also humour) is here. Do you like my confusing mixtures of subsentences (and paranthesises)?

Other than pretending to sculpt Zelda (or Link, can't really differentiate those two) I am awaiting the new season of The Walking Dead.

But other than that I will go back to my simulation of Sweden... it is an in-depth, numerically heavy system that takes all different variables of our society, grinds it down to fairy-trans-dust and sprinkle it out in an easily navigated system, just like the Swedish school system and our high-functioning medical system. Good bye, and don't forget to post your best New Year's promises, and don't forget to fill my gym with your lazy bum! Good bye!

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  1. Ooh, I like the new blog look!

  2. You like it? Happy to hear it. Changed the header, took the old wordpress-header and "colourized" it in PSP 4.12 to purple. Works well enough. Might add some spice :D