Future of GW's LotR-range?

This job application might something I have totally misunderstood, or it could be an elaborate hoax:

Middle-earth Model Designer: Nottingham, UK

Posted on Wednesday 20 January, 2016


 We are looking for another enthusiastic Model Designer to join our Middle-earth team, who can realise ideas using traditional or digital methods.

You will need to be adaptable to the brief, work together with other designers and turn ideas into valuable models for our Middle-earth range of products. You will be responsible for creating exciting new models that are complementary and consistent to Middle-earth’s I.P.

You will need to work to a given brief and meet scheduled deadlines enthusiastically in a design team environment, the Forge World Studio. You must be able to turn your designs into products that can be easily reproduced by manufacturing.

We know that what makes this job hard is creating high quality new models that are complementary and consistent to Middle-earth’s I.P. within a strict timescale.

Working at Games Workshop

At Games Workshop we are looking for people who will do their best to understand the needs of the company and to put those needs first when they are at work. Because of this we believe that what you are like, hence the attitude you show to work and the way you choose to behave is even more important than your skills or experience.

Other Essential Information

Closing date: There is no closing date for this job.  Once a suitable candidate has been found the advert will close.

How to Apply

If you wish to apply you must send us a letter telling us why you want this job and a portfolio of relevant work. We select candidates for interview on the content of their letters. This is a great opportunity for you to let us know that you understand what we are looking for.

No letter, no interview.

It may also help to include an up-to-date CV.

When you have gathered this information, you can click here to apply.

[removed]. Please type the job title in the subject line of your e-mail to help us to effectively respond to your query
Important Information

Link was found via DakkaDakka, on their subforum LotR, so credits goes or go to whomever or whoever posted it. This is how the probable virus-link looks like, press and die, if you'd like to:


Some would say that the bolded sentence in their advert is cheeky, I find it cunty, instead of funny - I sincerely hate, with most of my heart, HR-people (just the term "HR" when used in Sweden makes my blood boil) and the idiots phrasing such adverts, as well as all these middle-level to high-level company fuckwits that are responsible for the interviews. 

This advert was actually quite nice (to be fair), with the exception of the thing noted just above. I mean, we all know you will get 10 000 idiots without credentials applying, but they will apply even if you add that little sarcastic piece of "dry" humour or whatever it is. That is not what differentiate Germans from Englenders, so redo it, Nottinghammers.

I kind of wandered off the topic here, which of course is: Can this be the path to a rejuvenation of LotR? Or is it just BS? Please subscribe, like, leave a comment in the box below, update and leave a comment in the box below and like, like, like, +1, +1... god how I hate the internet and all she contains, sometimes...

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  1. GW announced that they would be handing off LOTR/Hobbit stuff to a sub-studio. So... hopefully this means the line will continue and can actually get some updates and new stuff!

    1. Let us hope so. Also, sorry for not notice your comment until now :(

      However, I feel like the hobby of LotR is now fleshed out enough to be un-supported, for my part that is. The things I want I will sculpt or convert myself.