Painting the Moth Queen, Part 1

So, the printer is still very broken and that makes me feel better. Additionally, some paint has found it's way upon the leathery surface of mrs Moth.

These are basically just the first few washes. Rest assured more paint will find it's way upon her surface.

That's basically all she wrote folks/bloggers/people, I will now leave my little home for an adventure!

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Finished Moth Queen and **** Printer

NSFW update (disgusting leddit term, but kind of true tonight)

Edit: I was a tad angry here and I still am, hence the childish language.

Finally snapped and destroyed my fucking ****-printer:

This was but a mere slight relief considering I needed to resist the impulse to first (A) rape the printer to death and then (B) throw the fucker into the wall for... (C) ... a satisfying crash. Instead I had to aggressively tear it apart with my fucking fists of fury - thank god I am not a fat useless fuck with a soft BMI of 40 (like 50% of Swedish men and 80% of Swedish women, literally go fuck yourselves). Idiot neighbours stopped what they were doing to listen to the sounds of plastics being distorted, goddamn sheltered idiots...
    Took a picture and then destroyed it some more and I am presently teeming with anger, as it were. Short story:

Roughly a week ago I tried to print bills for my newly started company. This did not work despite the printer having paper and ink. Fine, I thought with clenched hands, resisting the impulse to burn the printer, and instead I got my paperwork done in an elaborate way (not including the printer at home) and tried to forget about the printer who rode my mares of the night (as we say). A few days later I was called upon from one of my many volunteer-bullshit things that I do because I love my land and people (but not the current way Sweden behaves, for the record), and I again tried to print a single piece of fucking fuck-paper to help some idiot.
    To keep it short: It did not worked and the printer acted extremely provocative and aggressive towards me. Cue tonight: I tried eleven times to get a single bill to print. The magical twelth time I destroyed it.

What a story, Mark! So, how is your crap life?
    Speaking of crap, here are the High Elves which I have decided are done. I should probably have given them an update of their own, but meh...

Moth Queen is done. She is too big to use effectively in a tabletop game, so I have started on a better one.

Finished legs. It may could be fun painting this thing despite my printer trying to kill me with a rage-induced heart attack.

Bin Laden in my kind of hometown, south of our capital Stockholm. I have zero energy to make up something funny or try to "segue"/segway this into something funny, so make up something funny yourself you useless twat (please comment below, link and give a thumbs up and tell me how I can avoid shitty printers in the future).

This is how I tried to get a grip on how to make the legs. I had one single driving force here, and that was - well two actually:

1) Not look stupid
2) Easy to cast

Well, three reasons:

3) Easy to NOT brake.

 As you can see in the other pictures this is the design that I chose. Scroll up to see the finished legs.

Godd bye and may your printer explode   Also, fucking comic sans default font from blogger, f u 2 blogger mate lolololol

And remember fat Swedes, looks matter.


Painting Galadhrim Warriors

My first plan was to theme these guys profusely: Their bases, their trays and their general stature and positions were to be compatible with the Mirkwood Palace Guard. But after some advice from a friend I decided not to go that way.

Avid readers may have noticed there's been quite a few posts these latest weeks but if you look at the sidebar to the right --> you may also notice I have had a somewhat erratic posting history over the years, so rest assured that everything is fine. I have a tonne of things to deal with currently. Most of these things are or have been of a positive nature which is fine. It seems my weird disease that I caught nearly a year ago has finally been diagnosed and it is treatable and seems to have been (mostly) treated, and that should give me some energy back - apparently, one of the reasons I have been so tired lately was due to the malady.
      We live and we learn. And get taught.

No more mister Tired-guy, ready for action!

The shields looks like painting abortions: Like they are made out of clay. I will tidy them up and think that they might come out okay. This is what two washes do to a basecoat of gold paint.

Speaking of abortions... not really suitable on 
a hobbyblog but who gives a shit.

Some WIP:s. Nothing special except for the unprimed guy below which showed up after I had primed and painted the two first basecoats. Like a forgotten sock when the washer's already started he showed up, "Sorry, sorry I am late".

Gooddamn picture quality... as always...

... yeah, really funny, should have used the front camera instead of this joke...

And here's where we are at the moment. The trays I will have to reshape, they seem to have warped ever so much... I tried a new sanding-technique here, first some small sand, then some bigger before the first layer had dried and then the "technique" involved me getting bored of waiting for it to dry so I started painting on the wet glue...

... should have used bentonite, aka cat litter.