Painting Galadhrim Warriors

My first plan was to theme these guys profusely: Their bases, their trays and their general stature and positions were to be compatible with the Mirkwood Palace Guard. But after some advice from a friend I decided not to go that way.

Avid readers may have noticed there's been quite a few posts these latest weeks but if you look at the sidebar to the right --> you may also notice I have had a somewhat erratic posting history over the years, so rest assured that everything is fine. I have a tonne of things to deal with currently. Most of these things are or have been of a positive nature which is fine. It seems my weird disease that I caught nearly a year ago has finally been diagnosed and it is treatable and seems to have been (mostly) treated, and that should give me some energy back - apparently, one of the reasons I have been so tired lately was due to the malady.
      We live and we learn. And get taught.

No more mister Tired-guy, ready for action!

The shields looks like painting abortions: Like they are made out of clay. I will tidy them up and think that they might come out okay. This is what two washes do to a basecoat of gold paint.

Speaking of abortions... not really suitable on 
a hobbyblog but who gives a shit.

Some WIP:s. Nothing special except for the unprimed guy below which showed up after I had primed and painted the two first basecoats. Like a forgotten sock when the washer's already started he showed up, "Sorry, sorry I am late".

Gooddamn picture quality... as always...

... yeah, really funny, should have used the front camera instead of this joke...

And here's where we are at the moment. The trays I will have to reshape, they seem to have warped ever so much... I tried a new sanding-technique here, first some small sand, then some bigger before the first layer had dried and then the "technique" involved me getting bored of waiting for it to dry so I started painting on the wet glue...

... should have used bentonite, aka cat litter.

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