"High" time for a "dusty" update

Picture (c) some French-guy presumably

No, those are not substance-related hints because today I present to you: Very little meat and huge amounts of potato. Or sauce - and please keep in mind that it is the sauce that gets you fat, not the sausage, which naturally, is what she said. 
    But I digress, as the saying goes. What I am alluding to in the title of this post is of course, the dusty Moth Queen.

Similarities with a certain sci-fi creature should not be too obvious, but some parts of the design are naturally inspired not only by a moth and my own nightmarish dreams (and thoughts!), but also of a computer-game which we know a few of my readers are aware of.

 Speaking of game and toxic females
The Moth Queen's toxic sap-tanks might make some people think of cheesy Turtles (TMNT/TMHT) characters, but fear not, I will type up a nice little explanation of her ability to spray her enemies from afar with toxic sap-stuff. The Moth Queen is, if you had missed it, part of a bigger "army" that I intend to build from scratch, inspired by the story about the She-Ents folly and fall.

Well, take heed and look for tell-tale signs of toxicity...

And speaking of poison and tacky wom... epoxy-putty:

Is there anyone that has tried this putty? My friend recently bought this for the not-so-awesome price of 100 SEK from the country the guy below comes from...

A very brave man.

... and my friend said the putty was "okay". My friend is a man of extremely few words... We meet twice a year and last time we met we exchanged exactly twenty sentences while hanging out (watching movies and playing games). Sometimes that's just the right amount of words.

Other projects on the table are the renovation of the Crazy King. He is a beast among men, nearing a Warhammer human in scale, and rightly so because he rules his lands with a crazy ironfist, eating fruit, sitting on a throne on his "flying" carpet - the king likes to think he is flying, and pretends the slaves carrying him does not exist.

A little bit like this little guy... so much weirdness in one picture it must have been staged... Underwear on a goat with a little Asian man sitting on top of it laughing hysterically at what I can only assume is someone hurting himself. EDIT: The gif did not load properly... bah...

But I digress. The Moth Queen we were talking about... she has a long way to go before being finished and since I am...

... shopping around for money for my company - see what I did there, I inserted a picture of a llama shopping around for stuff - I have not had the time to sculpt all that much, the paperwork needed to increase the likelyhood of getting dough from EU (amongst others) is astounding in mass, time-consumtion and meetings with uneccessary humans (aren't most of us that anyways?).

Speaking of shopoholics: Despite having a tonne of important stuff to do, I don't think I have ever been as free as this summer (after leaving school back in the 1850's); I have visited some towns around Sweden and found two interesting things: The first one was this hobby-shop with some beautiful resin-houses...

(Please pretend you can't see the reflection of my face in the glass, I'd like to keep my anonymity just that: Anonymous, we'll just pretend there's nothing there because I can't be bothered removing the ghostly visage)

... with some very well motived high price tags, I noticed with some sadness in my llama heart...

... and upon passing through another area in Sweden, I managed to get a little tour in a steamboat.

Obviously, I could pass off these frivolities as "work" and "research for my upstarting company". More on that later.

Let's end with a fitting joke, like a bow on a gift, wrapping it all up nice and tidy.

See you later men.

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