A small 28mm cart

Inbetween the various projects and company-building efforts I managed to get most of a small cart done whilst on a hobby-skype-session.

It will be going off with the Swedish Postal Service tomorrow, placed neatly in a little box. We can all hope it will not lose it's way to wherever it is going.

Just like the Swedish Postal Service has lost most of it's former good reputation, so has the Swedish media. And I suspect the group being interviewed also were screened heavily: No "socio-economically-challenged white guys" were likely asked, because it would have skewed the results to below Malawian results.

Their reputation is on par with Hassan's food joint, or more correctly, the nation he setup his business in (might be Sweden considering). You should always check your country for cutting-edge beneficial competition-edges, such as llamas (see picture below):

Here you can see part of my fantastic Nordic Hair-insulated(TM) arm and hand. Typically I have censored most images heavily but laxness has taken over me in this brimstone heat that has fallen over us: 26 C in the shadow and I am melting and getting nothing done...

... the heat got me thinking this when I sat there in my work-chair, melting and sweating. But eventually the night fell and the temperature fell with it and I managed to get some more work done, namely the cart.

- - -

And lastly, these guys moved to Facebook. I dislike Facebook as much as the next guy, but sometimes we all have to make compromises, perhaps even this Llama in the future...

4 kommentarer:

  1. Wow, the cart looks great! Hmm, I cant wait to hitch it up to my horse... perfect for a fantasy dark age themed board, or is that giving too much away... ;D

    1. Haha, no it is not! :D Great table by the way

  2. I love those wheels!!
    Nice piece ;-)

    1. Thanks! The wheels were rather relaxing to do, once I know how to do them