Making the Moth Queen! Part one!

Lololol, as the kids say, this project is going forward. I may or may not have promised other projects but this is the one I am sticking with at the moment, especially as I am still waiting for a so called positive money transaction (paperworks 99% done) to get the vakuum-stuff and other essential things bought for limited production. 
     Yes, I could use company credits (basically a loan), but I'd rather not - such things tend to complicate one's own personal economy, seeing how I chose a rather basic economic form for my miniature-mini-company (lololol, again, as the 30's-something mid-life crisis miniture geek Swede say when trying to pick up high-school-"women").

But I digress.

Before actually following the highly detailed plans for the moth queen I did something I highly recommend: Just "sketch" the basics of the creature in clay, just to see how it really looks. A sketch, when made on paper, promise everything but accomplish nothing (from Eduard Lanterim as we all know), but when made in 3D ("three dee") it accomplishes slightly more than nothing, it's promises however, leaves a lot to wish for: It basically looks like a pink turd with indentations.

Obviously, a Moth Queen will have a snout, but what about horns? I have a version for that as well, but decided to stay away from it. Any thoughts on a flying, slow, tired beast with horns?

When having a hobby session via Skype I made some wheels for a cart which reminded me: I have some old chariot-templates. May or may not do something here if time allows it.

This is a good (not great) way to make homemade miniature wheels for 28 mm. Take some plastic tubing from your home-improvement days, add tape to be able to stabilize your knife or preferably your razor saw. Saw away and you get a nice little round thing.

With the cunning use of Norwegian kontaktlim you can add pieces of a Swedish match to make the things inside, you know those things which you can put a big stick in between when you're out biking, resulting in injury. Not sure on their name or their true function except for the injury-part.

DIY-wheels next to better Perry-wheels.

"Do you even know what department this is?"
"Some kind of homosexual department?"

Courtesy of The IT-crowd.

Lastly: No correct guess what the thing I was going to sculpt in last update, thankfully. The answer of course was the Moth Queen or whatever her name is.

4 kommentarer:

  1. hehe-- its really turning out nice...WIP pics prove you aren't designing it with a three dee printer... hehe -- and I believe those dangerous parts are called spokes -- however I am not certain!

    1. Spokes? Very good learning that (Also, there's a difference between getting learnt and taught!).

      Thanks for the very nice critique. At a later date, I hope you will abuse me for basically being 96,5% "inspired" by Starcraft 2. But there really are a lot of design-thoughts from myself in this one (see, I am already defensive).

  2. Yes - Joshua is correct, I think the word you want is spokes :) Looking good so far! I look forward to the finished Moth Queen!

    1. Good to hear, I live and I learn! I will try to not dissappoint with mrs Moth! :D