Moth Queen, part 2

When sculpting a face, it is important that you have a plan before sculpting. A plan was made for the Moth Queen, but I was not entirely sold on it. So, I made a sketch out of polymer clay.

To be honest, it is probably more correct to say that you need to have a good plan, or at least a sufficient plan. Like the taxidermist's project above. It is some sort of "king of the forest"-cat-like thing, but it is also laughable, even if it's probably an okay job - what I am trying to say it: Worse has been seen.

So, I toyed around with the three different eye-configurations as well as some weird snots that may or may not have looked like pence in plural.

Forget the little text-box, I had originally planned a more intricate post...

Her eyes are made for long distance-looking-for-targets, a bit like these Japanese men.

Let's end with some casual racism, "light skin of Chinese-bun - such a wonderful collaboration!".

I am going away for a little short while to do stuff... and things... (see below for exact description of the actions I will undertake over the weekend), so goodbye for a while crocodile!

2 kommentarer:

  1. nicely done. looks more demonic than insect with a face like that.

  2. Hm, I think you might be right. I want to make it look weird and ALSO insectoid, might need to up the insectoid-part of the design then :)