Isengard Steam Tank!

It is roughly done. Perhaps I shall put it together with the rest of the Uruk-guys... ? Most people like army-pictures don't they?

It obviously need a lot more love when it comes to paint, but meh... it works fine as it is now...

No jokes, comments, explanations or funny things tonight. I am knackered. Good night.


Steam Tank!

Isengard Steam Tank, for my vulgar entertainment.

Some WIP's, both above and below. Went to the gym today, and there's this obnoxious guy there who just refuse to say hello. I loudly greeted this motherfucker in the changing room and he gave me an ironic "hej, hej" back to me. Problem is, his arms are like my legs in size, and that doesn't say anyone anything, but it says enough I think. So, I shall have to teach him some manners, somehow... (picture above not really related to him, and thankfully not to me either, at least not that much... ).

So, I toyed around with most of the hobby-materials I have. And then I cut myself in the thumb. I occassionally take blood-thinner pills for up to ten consecutive days and it is not a good idea to cut oneself deep in the hand. Or anyplace really. I cut up my thumb-nail a few milimeters and that was rather unpleasant, but I am so incredibly strong and handsome that things like that are bound to happen (irony/sarcasm).

Finger is pointed upwards, the hidden part of my thumb is like a waterfall of water-thin blood, almost took half the thumb off as you might be able to see, it is a really nice cut though, straight and clean. I had to put a rubberband below the cut to stop the bleeding so that the tape could stick so I could go about my day without staining the floors. Goddarnit, it took a lot of good hobby time from me...

The crew. I am all out of white spray primer so I had to use some weird GW "desert yellow", or "dessert yellow" if such desserts exists... something lemony perhaps... But let us end with a nice and funny little comic from someone who hopefully have credited himself in the stolen picture. Copyright to that guy.

Yes, I am also allergic to cats and I do enjoy their purry company and occassional claw attack. A bit non-sequiteur, but that's how we end it today.


Curunir Steam Tank

Yes, I went there... looking like Elijah below when I realized that "yes, I am doing this silly thing".

Some of the parts I toyed around with when making this piece of garbage.

Feeling a little like an overly enthusiastic WHFB-fan... like NEET-dwarfs explained above...

That aside, I have been trying to get in better shape, so a while back ago I started over-eating, which may sound a bit counter-intuitive. But it seems to help: I have finally moved beyond my normal weights at the gym. However, I also got a bigger belly...

... and if I want to avoid buying a new tail-coat, then it is time for a diet. Cue starvashun-mode... We shall see what happens.

Not eating like an oliphaunt helps. It is basically finished. Need to fix the base though. And freshen up the warriors on the howdah. But soon enough we can expect an army-get-together and depictions of said get-together.

Some WIP:s of the Curunir Steam Tank. Obviously I base this horrible anti-LotR idea on Tolkien's own works, where it says that Saruman was mechanically-oriented or something slightly more literaturesque.

If I get the energy for it, I will cut it up in the middle, remove cirka 12 mm of the thing and just tighten it up a bit. The wheels look thin but if you peruse images from World War 1, you will notice how cast-iron 

This is probably bronze... not cast iron...

mega-mortars were sometimes mounted on spindly wheels. At least early war. Late war, they looked like this:

And that is all for today.


Mûmakil 90% done

Need to add some symbols and patterns to the "sigils of defiance" and get the base in operative state. Otherwise it's pretty much done. I noticed I have a tiny backlog of comments to check, but it'll have to wait, big day tomorrow, so good-night and have a nice weekend fellow hobbyists and lurkers.


Valentino's Day

Today it is the V-day. No, not the va-yay-yay-day, even if it is roughly the same thing in this today's here's gynocentric society, brah. I have been called many things, "exhausting", "aggressive", "arrogant", "amiable", "don't touch me - or well, yeah, okay", """abusive"""" and so on, but never, never in my life have I been called "romantic" and I have no intention to make it happen. Hence this blogpost.

Sluts, they're easy to spot and easy to have a good old time with as long as you keep your frame...

... like this dude does... Like him or hate him, but I think we can all learn to be a little less Valentino and a bit more of a douchebag. 
    Speaking of douchebags, I want to do a blogpost of a one-on-one fight with the Mûmak Far Harad versus the Middlegard Giant (the Middlegard Giant being the douche, obviously, since I am uncertain of the mumakil's personality traits).

So, this is where it is right now. Just got home and I was going to prime it. Noticed there was no white primer left! To be continued...


2017 Mûmakil Conversion Fest!

The conversion feast to end all conversion feasts!

If any of you guys read the PDF I posted in 2013 (yall know which wan amma axin' 'bout yee) you know that a mumakil can have the following characteristics:

1) Tusk weapons.
2) Gnarled hide.
3) Rocks-to-throw.
4) Defiant tattoos (or something along those GW-lines)
5) Something else.
6) Another thing.

Inspired by that very well thought out list I started modding...

... and this is where we are at now. Stay tuned for a painted version you paint-sniffers.


Modding a mûmak

Wicker-fest 2017 for the mûmak to end all mûmakils (or vice versa, whichever is the singular version - it's like the stupid meme of saying colossi instead of colossuses - are you using English grammar in English? Yes, then don't use grammar from Latin or Ancient Greek).

Before doing the modding, obviously, one will have to putty-up all the seams. It took me quite some time, but not as long as the first elephant I did - I was being overly careful. Now I gave the mould-lines a good sanding and them added the putty whilst watching Harry Potter 7: The Hollow Hallows.

Holy flock - had a huge fight with the interface of blogger just trying to get this
 picture where it is now. It felt like a fever dream or in some dreams when I fight,
having very little strength in the fists (so I dream up a knife instead and get 
the job done - but that is probably  not a suitable topic currently)

So, what I was going to say before I wrote the whatever-you-call-text-under-an-image-in-English was: I am now collecting the über-mensch-models of Far Harad. You may remember them as misters Fight 4, Strength 4 and Attack 2 respectively. Their armour wasn't impressive, but their blow-guns were. Hey-ho, that's what she said and so on...  A great way for GeeDubb to sell their metal models, because frankly, I still believe (although not care) that they were over-powered!

Anyway, the whole gang is getting together...

... to mount silly little wicker-baskets to sit and blow blowdarts from, all day, everyday. The original elephant will get the old, quite well painted for the time (2008?), Haradrim soft-guy-crew back. Yes, I have discarded the original howdah and intend to something silly with wicker instead.



To relax in these times of murder and pillaging that is going on in Sweden, I have decided to start assembly on the mûmakil I bought back in 2011. Imagine that, it's been six years already. Time flies when you are a llama, maybe. I know not.

Not sure if this has been photoshopped but still, this 
illustrates the differences between the two elephants perfectly...

The difference between this "new" model and the old mumakil that I assembled will obviously be inspired by the difference between huffp0 and and fourChañ's p0l: One will be strictly uber-mensch Far Harad (OP-statline by GeeDubb) and the other one will be unter-mensch Haradrim.

Obviously, this project is launched because I lack the pain of discipline...

... which invariably leads to this for us Europeans. No joke. Get out there, fuck girls, go to the gym, apply yourself (as WW would say) and just grab life by the pussy!
Just like any old presidential candidate...
 ... or like Jay Bauman finally did. That goy's transformation has been a joy to watch: From fucktard to wicked awetard. Go to Redlettermedia to find out more about him.

But I digest lingonberry-jam: Let's get back to the giant elephant. This is how Peter "Over the top" Jackson originally pictured the mûmakil - over eight kilometers high (like ur mum iz wide lol).

I will use wicker thingies from Perry Minis to make a totally new howdah. We will see how it all ends. I have been having some extreme troubles in constructing howdahs these latest months, so do not hold your breath.

Good bye.