To relax in these times of murder and pillaging that is going on in Sweden, I have decided to start assembly on the mûmakil I bought back in 2011. Imagine that, it's been six years already. Time flies when you are a llama, maybe. I know not.

Not sure if this has been photoshopped but still, this 
illustrates the differences between the two elephants perfectly...

The difference between this "new" model and the old mumakil that I assembled will obviously be inspired by the difference between huffp0 and and fourChañ's p0l: One will be strictly uber-mensch Far Harad (OP-statline by GeeDubb) and the other one will be unter-mensch Haradrim.

Obviously, this project is launched because I lack the pain of discipline...

... which invariably leads to this for us Europeans. No joke. Get out there, fuck girls, go to the gym, apply yourself (as WW would say) and just grab life by the pussy!
Just like any old presidential candidate...
 ... or like Jay Bauman finally did. That goy's transformation has been a joy to watch: From fucktard to wicked awetard. Go to Redlettermedia to find out more about him.

But I digest lingonberry-jam: Let's get back to the giant elephant. This is how Peter "Over the top" Jackson originally pictured the mûmakil - over eight kilometers high (like ur mum iz wide lol).

I will use wicker thingies from Perry Minis to make a totally new howdah. We will see how it all ends. I have been having some extreme troubles in constructing howdahs these latest months, so do not hold your breath.

Good bye.

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