Steam Tank!

Isengard Steam Tank, for my vulgar entertainment.

Some WIP's, both above and below. Went to the gym today, and there's this obnoxious guy there who just refuse to say hello. I loudly greeted this motherfucker in the changing room and he gave me an ironic "hej, hej" back to me. Problem is, his arms are like my legs in size, and that doesn't say anyone anything, but it says enough I think. So, I shall have to teach him some manners, somehow... (picture above not really related to him, and thankfully not to me either, at least not that much... ).

So, I toyed around with most of the hobby-materials I have. And then I cut myself in the thumb. I occassionally take blood-thinner pills for up to ten consecutive days and it is not a good idea to cut oneself deep in the hand. Or anyplace really. I cut up my thumb-nail a few milimeters and that was rather unpleasant, but I am so incredibly strong and handsome that things like that are bound to happen (irony/sarcasm).

Finger is pointed upwards, the hidden part of my thumb is like a waterfall of water-thin blood, almost took half the thumb off as you might be able to see, it is a really nice cut though, straight and clean. I had to put a rubberband below the cut to stop the bleeding so that the tape could stick so I could go about my day without staining the floors. Goddarnit, it took a lot of good hobby time from me...

The crew. I am all out of white spray primer so I had to use some weird GW "desert yellow", or "dessert yellow" if such desserts exists... something lemony perhaps... But let us end with a nice and funny little comic from someone who hopefully have credited himself in the stolen picture. Copyright to that guy.

Yes, I am also allergic to cats and I do enjoy their purry company and occassional claw attack. A bit non-sequiteur, but that's how we end it today.

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  1. Aww shit man! That looks nasty! Hope you are ok?! Also ninja told me he is missing his favorite human! XD

    1. Aw, that little bastard... I miss him, aka the Alarmist XD Is he still attacking your mini-trees?

  2. Also, my thumb is okay, it is the meds that the blood literally pour out like a waterfall :)