Curunir Steam Tank

Yes, I went there... looking like Elijah below when I realized that "yes, I am doing this silly thing".

Some of the parts I toyed around with when making this piece of garbage.

Feeling a little like an overly enthusiastic WHFB-fan... like NEET-dwarfs explained above...

That aside, I have been trying to get in better shape, so a while back ago I started over-eating, which may sound a bit counter-intuitive. But it seems to help: I have finally moved beyond my normal weights at the gym. However, I also got a bigger belly...

... and if I want to avoid buying a new tail-coat, then it is time for a diet. Cue starvashun-mode... We shall see what happens.

Not eating like an oliphaunt helps. It is basically finished. Need to fix the base though. And freshen up the warriors on the howdah. But soon enough we can expect an army-get-together and depictions of said get-together.

Some WIP:s of the Curunir Steam Tank. Obviously I base this horrible anti-LotR idea on Tolkien's own works, where it says that Saruman was mechanically-oriented or something slightly more literaturesque.

If I get the energy for it, I will cut it up in the middle, remove cirka 12 mm of the thing and just tighten it up a bit. The wheels look thin but if you peruse images from World War 1, you will notice how cast-iron 

This is probably bronze... not cast iron...

mega-mortars were sometimes mounted on spindly wheels. At least early war. Late war, they looked like this:

And that is all for today.

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  1. Oh golly gosh... What an interesting contraption?!I cant wait to see it painted!

    1. Your wish shall be granted monsieur! :D

  2. That thing with the dwarves got me to lol forilless.