Mould-making: Fastitocalon

Preparing the fastitocalon for the rough mould-making process.

First the head was cut off. It's tail was detached from the get-go.

Right click the picture, and open in a new tab, and you can easily see the centimeter-scale.

Pre-detached tail. It was a new experience for me to sculpt a huge monster with mould-making in mind. Made things a lot easier.

Carefully removing the head turned out to be really troublesome...

 ... like a slap to head. And to make matters worse: If any of you remember the drug-addict I mentioned from one of my Christmas parties back in the old job? Well, he called, very much influenced by something, while I was doing the sawing, cutting and hacking. Let's just say he didn't help in the process. A slap to the head.
Alpacalypse happened, but I managed to tidy the project up.

Size comparison with the 28-32 mm boats I have sculpted.

The three white UFO:s are made out of resin that I dropped to get nice and spherically shaped, in order to sculpt the sea-things I wanted.

(Speaking of UFO:s, the last episode aired a few weeks ago, can't say I liked it, but hey-ho, the first two seasons were wicked awesome).

To relax, I might paint this guy, presented to me by mr Joshua, whilst visiting him. This is really the only fucking good-looking model from Warhammer that I can think of. It is such a joy to my llama-eyes. There is just something about this model...

If we would go back a quick while to the fastitocalon. I would say this is roughly the scale of the beast. Not big enough to play games on top of it's shell, but large enough to be viable in a game at all...

That is all, I shall also come back ASAP with pictures and information about the Middle-Earth giant. Obviously I shall respond to comments, but now I will have to go to bed, need to get up in five hours for another project! No rest for the wicked (awesome! Wihooo!)

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  1. Hehe, nice to see the progress... And just as I give you that model bloody GeeDubb goes and makes a new one! :O

    1. Which one?! I have mos def missed something mister!

    2. they replaced this changeling with a new plastic one, which you will undoubtedly like, but you know me, I kind of like the oldschool metal vibes when it comes to WHFB

    3. Oh yeah, I went to their page and found it. I am in LOVE with the metal one. You shouldnt have presented it to me. Well, *I* am happy, but you must miss it :D Again, fanks man!