Giant done! Please "pledge" a model!

Picture-fest 2017. My traffic to the blog is steadily and very unevenly increasing. Last month I had 9000 pageviews and roughly 2500 unique IP:s (not sure if that's correct for a number of reasons*) . Everyone who knows anything about memes all know that over 9000 is a magically tired number and I should be ashamed I did not reach 10 000 views.

An ogre bear-trap as a crown.

But who gives a flying fuck except I? So why the slow updates? Because I have been swamped with life and troubles, especially economical ones, I have also spent a stupid amount of my life helping those less fortunate than I; I shall repeat the old Scottish proverb: Help a man and he will come back to you the next time he is in trouble

Above: The closest you'll ever come to this llama's true identity.

Such is life in -10 C Sweden today. Crime literally everywhere, even at my very calm and new address: I shall not indulge any details because I would out ("doxx", as some fuckers call it) myself further. Just settle on the fact it reminds me a lot of the old banlieue of the Stockholm-area I used to "live" in - using bunny ears around "live", because it was more like "enduring" than living. Fuck-fuckety-fuck: Police tape and later a civilian police car, for some reason, with two white guys aged 37 and 39 - obviously police-men - in civilian clothing, just sitting twenty meters from the crime scene, for no reason, just looking like obvious police-guys. Not really increasing the value of the properties around here, so please fuck off as well, it's not as if you are going to do any good in -10 C.

But back to the Hobby: Finished the Middle-Earth giant, and I am rather pleased with his weird design, which I went on about in some detail last update.

Here you can see some of the various techniques and polymer and epoxy clays I have used. The "crown" is a shortcut, it comes from a WHFB Ogre-set. If enough people express an interest in buying this model, I will make a mould - but I would in such case probably need to remove the crown and add a another, non-IP-infringing one (not sure if that is necessary, I will consult my newly appointed legal advisor, yes I have such a guy nowadays, sad to say, but such is life in multicultural, crime-ridden Sweden).

And here you can see in excruciating detail how it looks before painting. Since I would like to make a mould out of this guy, I will first paint him, even if it tends to make mould making slightly more troublesome. If four models are being "pledged" (four pledges from one guy, or four guys wanting one each, or a combination thereof) I will make a mould. The price I am asking for one fucking Middle-Eart Giant (measuring 130 mm) is 39 EUR for the guy and a hefty 4 EUR for P&P. and if you want a 120 mm base, you'll have to add another 2,5 EUR This is like a version of the P500 for boardgames. Go to BGG for information about P500. It is basically KS for BG:s, MF:s.

The giant may be a giant, but some parts are not gigantic, so he choses to have a nice little loin-cloth to leave something to the giantesses' imagination. And they need it, 'cause giants are not common in Middle-Earth or the Oldhammer world, for that matter, in case you wanted to pledge a model, hint-hint...

The giant thrashed a couple of hobbits out fishing and is now using their boat as a shield. The shield is obviously optional.

Next update will be a properly based and painted model, because I really want to make a mould out of him. Fucking pleased with this dude in all his weirdness.

Inbred lady-like hips and legs, just like some of the pharaos of old...

This giant swept through a Rohan village a while ago where he "found" an anvil which he attached to a tree trunk. But before doing so, he had a big and nice barbecue of Rohirrim civilians. A giant has very little love for humans.

The giant keeps a spare hammer, some bottles of wine (as "magic hooman medsin" ) and a tiny bedroll made out of cowhide.

He protects his malnourished legs with metal and wood which are attached to his weird beast-legs with chains he found close to the hobbit fisherboat.

That's it. I will now prepare for tomorrow's charity dinner, which I am one of the coordinator's of. Even if I have a very grand plan and scheme for my life, I often wonder "how the heck did I get here". Sometimes it is easy to get...

... sidetracked, and sometimes it is troublesome finding what was the tool and what was the purpose, and was this really the path or the goal?

Where are we going, with the steering wheel on the 
left side, going on the right side of the road.

But it doesn't matter, jam will cheer up anyone, obviously. Sometimes, when something awful happens, I try to look at things like above. It obviously doesn't make sense, but hey-ho, life is like that and it is -10 C and I am at least grateful I am inside centrally heated apartment complex and free of loans (hrm, well sort-of).

Peace out, readers and bloggers and hobbyists and other assorted humans.

- - -

*) Sharing IP:s can be more dudes than one and a guy using TOR etc can be counted as five unique dudes. It doesn't matter, as long as someone get some sort of enjoyment out of this hot mess I call Llama's War of the Ring.

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