Making a miniature waterline boat

Miniature as in 28-32 mm scale. I am modifying a cast I made from the original one that I sculpted in 2016. The original boat was way too flimsy after it endured the mould-making process so I decided to do what the big boys do, and cast it up and then modify it. Which is what I just said, but you can't be too clear on the internet.
It doesn't look like much at the moment, I have been hacking the bottom out of it and I will clean up the very minor mould-lines later. I am very sick at the moment, and have been all time after Christmas, with thankfully a short interlude of feeling well during New Year's Eve.

Was thinking of sculpting up some weird seagull-thing or an albatross but we shall see... An oar or some rope might have to suffice.

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