Wrapping up 2016!

2016 turned out to be arguably the best year in my life so far, inbetween awful depressing stuff. A very bordline-kind-of-life for me at least. So, to say it was the best year so far might be what the old ones call an "exaggeration". But what do "they" know, really?

Life isn't always black-and-white. But 2016 was just that!

Where to start? What recently happened was a very nice trip - though way too short due to me being unplanned and Sweden a bureaucratic hellhole - where I was gifted this little handmade thingie (amongst other things):

A tool-holder from someone which I appreciated very much (besides for presenting this to me). The tool-holder has my name on it in case you missed who is typing this or if you just stumbled upon this hellhole of a blog!

But let us go back to the highly personal list and not dwell too long on my beautiful mug...

One of the highlights of 2016!

So here is a list of my highlights of 2016 (in my personal opinion, obviously some of these things listed might be seen as something bad if you are a leftist, but I will allow you to have your opinions):

1) Brexit! Good on you UK. Fuck the EU. If you want multiculturalism, then let's start by letting the UK being the UK and not some sort of "harmonized" EU-state.

2) Trump 2016! MAGA - MAGA - MAGA! And yay for politics on a hobby-blog as well! Huzzah!

An Angolan cat.

3) Traveling to "Angola"  and having the time of my life for almost 1,5 months!

4) Starting my new company. Also an awful experience due to paperworks and my dwindling economy.

5) A lady "gave me head" on an airplane which five minutes later led me into joining the mile-high club with said lady, a tight 21-year blonde. About time I think. Happened just 1-2 weeks before the end of 2016.

As well as a bunch of other positive social things, interesting "licensed" purchases, buying a tail-coat (which destroyed my wallet, but still a highlight for the reason I needed it!) and so on... I also learnt a lot about myself and re-valued a few things I did in my old neighbourhood and my old job, and while I still think I was in the right acting like I did (see posts from 2009-2014) I am trying to become more humble - but not too much.

To be humble is important, and that is my only New-Years-resolution: Be the right amount of humble.

2017 is here and I will start it off by sending a package far away. It contains a mixture of sweet and sour.

Next update could very well contain hobby-stuff so please do hold your breath for that to happen. Here's to a happy new year, dear bloggers and readers! And feel free to share your positive experiences of 2016 in the comments below, for some reason or the other.

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  1. If you haven't sent that package yet, I must tell you that you are now officially obliged to send those shoes as well ;D

    1. Ha! You shan't have them! But the package will take it's due time and then you shall what is inside. Although, I am not sure if it's contents will be in one piece. We shall cross our fingers.