Saruman's Workshop - Phase One

At the moment an untidy collection of bits and bobs.

I will probably post the second and last part of Large Creatures and Contraptions in Middle-Earth within the end of this week... I have some time set aside for hobby on Sunday...
    But before that, if you have missed these two posts, please take a few minutes and enjoy:

Check out Viruk's Radagast Sleigh and his White Council, my flock how good are these?! And this article which I really liked, posted by mr Laughing Ferret a while back.


Saruman's new head

New head and face... added shoulders to make him look taller. Still, his face is roughly 25% larger than the Games Workshop-version... but not as large as any WHFB-head, so I think we'll let it slide.

I don't feel up to resculpting the giant top of the staff so it'll stay as is.
     Why no updates in 10 days, you might wonder? Well, I've been too tired and instead read and watched some utorrented-tv-series and books. That's it folks, good night.


Headless Saruman... phase 1

Back to the drawing board. Almost the same image times three. "The height is fine, it is his head that's too large", I thought, but Scott pointed out that he might be a tad short and he is sort of correct: The basic mahood model was almost the same size as the Saruman metals, but he was slightly hunched - add the mini-base that the mahoods are mounted on, and the height gets even more screwed up - the metal Sarumanses necks are really quite long, as well...
    So: New head, skinnier and much more slender and almost peaky/worn face, if I am able to sculpt such fine details...

You can also see that the robes on my Saruman are shorter - this was intentionally done and I'll keep it that way. The flow of the fabric actually look fine, so I'll leave it as is. The staff is clearly too clumsy. Will be redone.

Besides sculpting a bit, I will post a few articles that was written a number of months ago, that addresses different facets of wargaming in Middle-Earth. The English in these little articles are uneven: I use some words that might seem above my level and in the next sentence use the wrong prepositions as well as get the most basic grammar rules wrong. My hope is that some of you will read it and come with recoil-thoughts in the comments-field despite it being hard on the eyes - and minds in some instances.

Thats it for tonight, have a good one.


Saruman - what a mess...

The head will be redone and I'll probably also make the staff a bit more slender.

My absence from the hobby is, as normally is the case with me, due to work. My most hated boss was also promoted and now I can expect "special assignements" whenever this boss in question thinks I am enjoying my workday. Thank you life for this great opportunity to become a murderer. Well...


Sculpting Saruman - phase 2½

The face needs work...

His right hand (the one sculpted by me, and not the left one which is made of plastic) needs some work as well, I see now. And when comparing the staff it seems appropriate to redo the top and make it slimmer than it stands now.
    I am, however, pleased with the outcome so far- but this satisfaction has everything to do with the fact that I have two other Saruman models to look at, compare and use as templates when sculpting this one. The Perrys, and all those other miniature sculptors out there in our hobby, are truly inspiring and impressing - I realize the more I try to replicate and learn. As with most things, one takes things for granted. Be it your health, your economy whatever. Even these little minis I try to mimic when sculpting I haven't thought much of. Until now.
     Anyway, the best thing is, I am learning lots. The worst thing is to realize how much there is to learn... which leads me to the conclusion that I might be "forced" to cut off his head and redo it entirely. "Off with their heads."


Sculpting Saruman - phase one

The basic shape is a Perry Miniatures'  Somali Ansar (holy warrior). One arm is expressing something magic or at least something like "yes, yes, move along now" in an annoyed Sarumanny way.

It is a very basic start, perhaps not even worthy of a blogpost, but as stated in the previous post, I won't be able to put especially much time into hobby-relaxing but I will try to stay focused and not waste my time on Game of Thrones and other such distractions when I am free from work and instead give this little humble project those hours instead.
     I foresee that this project will look fine but the finish will be barely acceptable. With "acceptable" finish I mean: Lots of marks from the sculpting tool, a very uneven surface, unnatural fall of the cloak and just a generally unnatural look of everything that mimics fabric.

Green stuff is difficult to get a nice finish from - Super Sculpey and White Sculpey is much easier, but then again, I wouldn't be able to make it as small as this... I do use vaseline, but I think it would go much better if I had proper lightning and a better slightly less worn out sculpting tool. Summer's over - winter's coming - so there's no more working in the sunlight, which the stag might have shown...
     And lastly, I would like to say a big thank you for all the positive comments lately! It is much appreciated!


Sculpting a stag - phase three

Phase three of the sculpting as well as phases one and two of the painting. The base will be forest-themed, which comes as no surprise to anyone, I suppose.

How to make a Radagast sit on top of this big beast (he is something between a reindeer and an elch/moose) will trouble me at a later date, other things to do, so both Saruman and Ragast will have to wait to even get armatures. I see you when I see you deer (crappy pun intended) readers and bloggers!