Headless Saruman... phase 1

Back to the drawing board. Almost the same image times three. "The height is fine, it is his head that's too large", I thought, but Scott pointed out that he might be a tad short and he is sort of correct: The basic mahood model was almost the same size as the Saruman metals, but he was slightly hunched - add the mini-base that the mahoods are mounted on, and the height gets even more screwed up - the metal Sarumanses necks are really quite long, as well...
    So: New head, skinnier and much more slender and almost peaky/worn face, if I am able to sculpt such fine details...

You can also see that the robes on my Saruman are shorter - this was intentionally done and I'll keep it that way. The flow of the fabric actually look fine, so I'll leave it as is. The staff is clearly too clumsy. Will be redone.

Besides sculpting a bit, I will post a few articles that was written a number of months ago, that addresses different facets of wargaming in Middle-Earth. The English in these little articles are uneven: I use some words that might seem above my level and in the next sentence use the wrong prepositions as well as get the most basic grammar rules wrong. My hope is that some of you will read it and come with recoil-thoughts in the comments-field despite it being hard on the eyes - and minds in some instances.

Thats it for tonight, have a good one.

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  1. Thanks for the update, Llama! Keep up the good work! And don't worry about the grammar - we'd love to hear your thoughts! :)