Sculpting Saruman - phase 2½

The face needs work...

His right hand (the one sculpted by me, and not the left one which is made of plastic) needs some work as well, I see now. And when comparing the staff it seems appropriate to redo the top and make it slimmer than it stands now.
    I am, however, pleased with the outcome so far- but this satisfaction has everything to do with the fact that I have two other Saruman models to look at, compare and use as templates when sculpting this one. The Perrys, and all those other miniature sculptors out there in our hobby, are truly inspiring and impressing - I realize the more I try to replicate and learn. As with most things, one takes things for granted. Be it your health, your economy whatever. Even these little minis I try to mimic when sculpting I haven't thought much of. Until now.
     Anyway, the best thing is, I am learning lots. The worst thing is to realize how much there is to learn... which leads me to the conclusion that I might be "forced" to cut off his head and redo it entirely. "Off with their heads."

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  1. nice work Llama. You have really done well with improving your sculpting skill over the past several months. each project looks better than the last!

    1. It does wonders to my sculpting-lust to hear that it shows I am trying to better myself in the sculpting-area of our hobby :D