Sculpting a stag - phase three

Phase three of the sculpting as well as phases one and two of the painting. The base will be forest-themed, which comes as no surprise to anyone, I suppose.

How to make a Radagast sit on top of this big beast (he is something between a reindeer and an elch/moose) will trouble me at a later date, other things to do, so both Saruman and Ragast will have to wait to even get armatures. I see you when I see you deer (crappy pun intended) readers and bloggers!

4 kommentarer:

  1. And hopefully a Radagast will ride on top of it soon!

  2. That's amazing - keep up the work, Llama! Where did you get the stag? I've been thinking of a stag for quite some time.

    1. Inspired by a link provided by Tiberious, I went to Simmuskan's blog and found Radagast on a Stag.

      I wanted the same model he had bought (well, the rider was a heavy conversion so just the stag) but ended up sculpting a stag of my own.

      I think it looks fine, but Simmuskan's just on another level. I do have his painting recipe and I am likely to follow this recipe when repainting the stag.

      A mounted Radagast will be sculpted hopefully before 2014's ended ;)

      Linky to Simmusk.'s post: http://simbattleboard.blogspot.se/2012/09/stag-mounted-radagast-complete.html