Sculpting a stag for Radagast

EDIT: Forgot to post the WIP-pics of the stag... it seems this post is just a bunch of reposts of the earlier projects. And don't click around too much on the page I linked in the end of this TL:DR-post.

Godday. I have been sick, again. A regular cold which left me enfeebled and weak. And today I made my sorry state worse by eating lots of Indian food - since I can hardly taste anything I thought I'd make a strong tikka-masala which I now have to pay the price for.
    Belly-issues aside. Some sculpting have happened, albeit really slowly...

The stag resides in the middle, accompanied by my other Radagasts, for completion and comparison. Below some of my inspirations, with a peculiar little deer crossed-over in the middle of the image, who has fangs. Maybe something for a Mordor-themed evil twin of Radagast, called Gradagast, mounted on his evil mini deer with fangs. Or something, I don't know...

I wanted to show some progress on my new take on the hobby: Slow work with characters. All the guys below will receive additional licks of paint, especially in the face-department.
     Gandalf the White was in fact painted by my blogging-colleague mr FoB but the model is now in my hands for some reason.

Gandalf Grey from Mines of Moria, Gandalf Grey-homemade, Gandalf Grey from The Escape from Goblin Town, Gandalf the White on Shadowfaxe (metal) and furthest back you can see the homemade cart and homemade Gandalf the Grey riding it.

The model in the middle comes from another range and has been converted a bit. Her face doesn't fit very well with the Lord of the Rings models... we'll see if I either try to better it somehow with GS or just leave it and try to fix it with the paintbrush.
     The Elrond model and anyone of the two Galadriels will be used for a themed tray of a little bit of the White Council. A little bit, you ask: Yes, the exact number of individuals that frequent these very unfrequent meetings is unknown to me. So I have not yet decided which models I will include or if I just go the easy way and follow the rulebook. When I bought the box The White Council, it included Erestor, Glorfindel and Cirdan except the four standard models mentioned in the War of the Ring-rulebook.

And all the Sarumans, Pallandos and Alatars I am working on at the moment. Work is really slow and I will try to read some painting tips on faces and a few other little tips on painting true 28 mm models. The difference between the LotR-range and high fantasy ranges is quite obvious for a painter with barely acceptable skills besides the "acceptable for the table top", which is what I have always just aimed for. Aim for the berry bush, hit the ground, or however the saying goes...
     All the models have their specific places in different armies. The different Saruman-models, as a good example, comes as " ... of many Colours" as well as a part of the Council of Wizardry and also for another obscure purpose which might be revealed in a future post if I ever finish it...

Lastly, some news on the state in my part of the city: Burning cars here and there, worse crimes here and there. The fire department goes in without sirens or lights, douse the fire and go back, sometimes being stoned and sometimes not. And I am not talking about clump foliage...

This time, the religious celebrations that end a certain period of not-eating that some groups in this country practise, didn't turn into the regular fire-fest as it did earlier times of "celebrations", but the "disturbances" was notable and continued weeks after.
      No reports in any papers about this of course, the only ones noting it are people on a large forum, but even there it is barely mentioned because it happens everywhere.
      Undereducated and not-so-sharp police officers were (again) searching through the staircase in my flatblock yesterday, knocking doors, asking irrelevant questions, creating the same sense of annyoance and insecurity that the criminals do, because we seem to live in A clockwork orange where the pool of recruits for the police is the same pool the criminals swim in... And I can only assume you have all missed this criminal record.

I shall end with a happier note:

This is the "actor", M. Persbrandt, who will play Beorn in the next Hobbit-movie.

When I saw the trailer (of the movie which I took these prints from) in the cinema many years ago, my pals and I weren't the only ones who started laughing, in fact, almost everyone had a good laugh when they saw this actor in his yellow wig. I imagine Peter Jackson and his make-up team did a better job with him in make-up. I am already counting the months 'til the next movie premiers.

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