Wizards and Wagons in 28mm

Here are the projects that are on the workbench at the moment:

Galadriel, a little more than basecoated, to the right, by Games Workshop. To the left, a little nymphadore from unknown producer. Got her for 25 SEK! She had originally been sold for 85 SEK. To get such discount is unheard of unless you go to the paypal-needing sites, which are awesome but I can't use due to ideological reasons (being a crazy net-hater and all). Take the last part with a few grain of salts. 2*59*9[11]

However cheap she was, there are still lots to do if I ever want her to look slighly like Galadriel. Not decided on whether or not she will be in war-form.

Enter Scrollfest 2013... Below we have candles that are soon sculpted to within acceptable parameters as well as some bottles. The little thingie in top right position is a practice-piece for when I try to make Galadriel's Mirror.

Candles are huge, but rightly so because I have been inspired by actual cathedral candles.

Alatar. The first version, based on a Christian Priest from Perry Miniatures. The second version's basic structure is made out of mixed parts. He looks a bit dodgy (besides the fact the sculpting is still in sketch-mode), to be honest, so we'll see how the projects end. Either based and ready within the week or in to the bin...

Practicing my humble sculpting skills, I will try to make a standing Gandalf. Cheating my way with an almost finished head! And below, as promised, some more pictures of Gandalf's cart. I must say I am mighty pleased with this, even if Gandalf didn't turn out ace, the project as a whole is greatly satisfying.

Readers with eyes may notice that this in fact is Gandalf the Blue. I can't be held responsible for what have happened. I tried to make him grey but he turned out blue, clearly this is Coat d'Arms fault ;)

Here are the whole platter of projects. You can see the Saruman-project close to this text. I am not amused by this particular project. Again, we'll see how it ends. Though I can say it doesn't bode well for Saruman.

Alatar. Model to the right is the one I converted up (sort of, didn't do much) for The Council of Wizardry I did earlier.

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  1. Gandalf's cart is most impressive - and not really blue to my eye anyway. You do have some fine sculpting skills, far and away superior to my own, and quite an array of magic using people to test them on.

  2. Cheers mate! Thank you very much for that piece of positive critique, and I can only say (with fear for scaring away future commenters with me being overly emotional, hehehe): It kind of made my day!

    And I am glad that he didn't turn out extremely blue - he is sort of grey-blue then? :)