GBU for August 2013.

Another General Blogging Update. This is normally a sign that the everyday-life of Sweden has cramped my hobby-style. As is norm under said circumstances, I just relax and post other people's stuff:

So, what's been going on in our human world of hobby? Well, someone posted this picture of Elrond looking at a sword while another elf is watching him. The white arrow probably suggests something, but my funny-center isn't active and I do not care. Maybe one of you, dear readers, do know and care to explain?

Furthermore, some English person have understood what 40K is, Swedish readers will probably understand (after a while) that this add says "Warhammer 40 000 United Kingdom" and that it is not an ad for homophiles.

These Japanese men shows what is good with our hobby. This could've easily been taken at my local store - the looks and gestures are all the same. With the obvious exception for the guy in the far left --->

To the left (or below depending on how bad blogger will screw this post's formatting up) we can see one of the few in the world who owns one of these babies. At around 10K SEK it is highly wakarimass that there are so few owners. Wait, it costs more than 10K SEK, I think it goes for 1000 GBP... that's 12 000 SEK...
     And here's the 1000 GBP-billion dollar question: What would a model equivalent to this scale and price be in the Lord of the Rings-hobby?

Another international hobbyist. His hair suggests he is from France, but his jeans and the window says America, which doesn't matter since this information still didn't help me when trying to find the link to his works. Nevertheless, how cool isn't that Orthanc, built with what I assume is Lego?
    The ease with which one can identify oneself with a half-crazy hobbyist like this is very amusing.

And the girls keep doing their hobby. "Cosply" which means "look hot" in Japanese. I cannot see how this is relevant to this post, but then again, this whole "GBU"-thing is quite irrelevant in itself.
   I think she is Sakura from Dragon Ball.

If someone missed this last year, or whenever it was first posted (I always assume I am two or three years behind every new meme and "internet sensastion"). Naturally, he is joking, "trolling", but it is still quite funny.

So, it seems that the rest of the world is doing their thing. What have I been up to? I have decided to keep doing quite time-consuming projects that won't take up so much space. Hence, all other projects have been put to halt: The Rhûn Automatons (take up too much space), The Rhûn project, finishing of Elven Swan Sky Chariot (still, I need a better name for it) and a few other bits and bobs. Banned from the table are large formations, because, as stated earlier, I have ran out of storing space... I said that three times now...
    Currently, I am still pondering on whether to restart the Alatar and Pallando projects and give them better modes of transportation instead of rocks and winds, because they look unbalanced and frankly, quite ugly.
     Saruman's slave drawn wagon haven't even been started. It feels like I've lost my hobby-mojo... So, I am going to try and mix it up. With perler beads or whatever they're called and later, I shall try to sculpt a Galadriel and Saruman (not from scratch, but more or less). It shall hopefully be interesting and get me back again.

To finish it all, I show you this beautiful picture for a TW-project (Total War) which I have no idea how it ended if it ever. The pic looks pretty sweet, though...

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  1. the 40k uk is lost on me, I'm not sure how it'd be anything other than 40k, but probably a phrase not used here.

    I am pretty sure I've seen pictures of the Orthanc model before, but not with the guy and I can't recall where. I can say it is definitely North America though, you can tell by the electrical outlet.

  2. Oh, I missed that with the electrics, thanks! Americans are normally the best when it comes to grand hobby, I just have to admit it. I've only been to the USA once (hence I missed the electrics-thing), but am hoping to get there again within a year or two. I would like to plan it so I can take part in some huge convention I always hear about on the podcasts!

    40KUK looks like "40 cocks". Childish yes, but I stumbled upon it and thought someone was angry with 40K. I suppose Freud would have something (faulty) to say about me immediately connection the dots that way...

    Cheers for stopping by mr Laughing Ferret! :)