The Blue Wizards on high fantasy bases, part 1

It is a work in progress, hehehe... this is a mess. Earth-elementalist-base can be seen in this image. Below we have the clichée air-elementalist base:

A whirlwind. I have always thought that Alatar and Pallando, blue as they both were, and each connected to one specific valar, had their specific roles and "themes" if you like. Just like Radagast the Brown were connected to earth, forest and animals. And Gandalf the Grey had his role as a seeker of wisdom and kindness and also being kick-ass awesome wizard fighter. And The White Wizard/of Many Colours had his.
     So, the themes for these blue wizards I decided were to be that of the blue sky (and the plains beneath them stretching far east, were they both went) and the blue mountains and waters. And rocks. I had a nice little background written down... now it seems mixed up and illogical. I'll have to get back to anyone interested when I get this in order.

Above, Saruman, some wheels and the parts for the human wagon pullers (a mix of Mantic and Perrys'). You can see some basic sketches of the wagon. It'll all be placed on a 120 mm base.

And the project of doing hobbits from 1:72 Zvezda peasants. I got some pro-tips on how to get the paint to stick on these poly-ethylene models, so I am more inclined to continue this project. They look so-so, but I think they'd work well for the War of the Ring-system as it is based on large amounts of models.

That's it for tonight, I am going to close my window despite the heat because I do not want to hear the disturbing fight outside between two small groups of animalistic males. Good night!

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  1. There's a lot going on there. Going to look great when done, especially enthused by your blue wizard concept. Keep it up.

  2. Thanks man!

    A lot going on as you say, though I think that's the problem with the bases of the Blue Wizards: They are too cluttered... I will have to rethink this :)