Gandalf's Cart (homemade)

More or less homemade/DIY. The wheels are not sleek enough but I find them acceptable. I've just laid out the basic sketch of Gandalf, there's a lot left to do. But in this stage, I do not need worry about any fingerprints because the parts will all be covered by new green stuff. Except for the top of his hat.
      The head is a Mahdi Ansaar from Perrys (the nose was good enough, the rest will be hidden by hair and beard), the torso is also from Perrys and the arms are from two different sets. I used these parts to get the proportions right since it has proven almost impossible for me to sculpt a human sized figure from scratch. I need a hand to hold, basically.

Below are the parts I am trying to make, in my own version - I have no idea how a cart looks like, the only ones I've seen IRL have been donkey-drawn carts in development countries, but they had real tires and a simple boarding. Gandalf's is a marvel of engineering, consisting not only of sleek wooden wheels but also elaborately carved pieces of wood as well as wicker walls. Well, marvel of engineering might be a bit of a stretch, but still...

I am also trying to sculpt/convert versions two of Alatar and Pallando. If they come out allright I'll put them on special bases which should be themed stormy and rocky, respectively, plus some form of locomotion-thingie. That's the basic idea of this project: I want all the five Wizards in some sort of vehicle:

1) Gandalf. Gandalf's Cart. Started.
2) Radagast. Radagast's Rabbit Racer. Done!
3) Saruman. Not sure what to do...
4) Alatar. Hmm... might go over the top and less discreet as, for example, Gandalf treats magic, which might mean I will make Alatar riding a storm, or something equally warhammery.
5) Pallando. Keeping with the theme that he is bound to Manwe (or is it Orome, I am thinking of), I will make him look a little bit more "from the East" and almost dwarvy. The same thing with him goes as number four: Him riding some sort of magic-related thing.

Why the magic? Because it should be easier to sculpt.

Below is Mithril Miniatures' Saruman with Palantir. The blog where I found him on said it was Gandalf, but I think it is Saruman, an opinion based wholly on the look of the model's belt and the palantir by his side. Maybe I just copy the palantir and make a scenic base with Saruman... Anyway, in the image above, the model to the right, is some sort of Uruk-servant I've started to construct, in case I make a horrible slave-drawn wagon for Saruman (the Uruk being some part of this in some form), but I don't think that's in the spirit of Saruman, yet how evil he might have turned. Think the human-pulled wagon from The Road. I don't think it made it into the movie, read the book, it is equally good.
     So, are there any suggestions out there? I have gotten really good suggestions over the years which I used in my different projects. Especially liking the one about Radagast riding a stag (or elch?)... which I also really want to sculpt... but I digress. Any ideas for a vehicle for Saruman out there?

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  1. Definitely Saruman if it came with the palantir. In terms of travelling ideas, the first thought I had was a sleigh like the white witch in Narnia. Then I had a vision of it being pulled by Grima... Not sure if that would really work!

  2. Hehe, pulled by Grima... Okay, that settles it then, I go with my original idea of humans/slaves pulling his little wagon (since at least one other person can imagine the idea of Saruman being pulled by a human). Thank you for the input mr Dan! Grima may walk behind his master's wagon :)