Vay-cay's over and hobby time starts NOW!

Is that a cool way to say "vacation"? Vay-cay?
     Anyhow, back from vay-cay but this time I never went to The Dark Continent - that's reserved for work. As I am sitting here, I am pondering on whether or not to get me another fire-arm... a r3volver (leet-speek!), this time. As I am a highly unstable and aggressive person, I feel it is better the more weapons I own.

To get me back on the hobby-track, I listened to the calling of my own semi-psychotic voice to make another list of what "needs be doing". Naturally, one doesn't "need" doing anything when it comes to a hobby, but that's where the "semi-psychotic" comes in. Blah-blah, here's the list, read it or die:

1.0 Finish the Swan Sky Chariot.
1.1 Make rules for the Swan Sky Chariot. Or not, maybe it is just too un-LotR-y to use in a game...
2.0 Finish the renovation of my Rhûn-army. It is very close to completion, just missing a few parts, namely five or maybe six cavalry movement trays.
3.0 The Rhûn automatons need a lot of work, but they will take up a lot of space when finished so I am putting off on working on them, however relaxing and enjoyable it might be...

Silly but highly entertaining projects: Rhûn Automatons.

4.0 This blip on the hobby-radar is a writing project: Reduxing the War of the Rings-rules, very slightly, and then boil it down and make it easier for newbies to grasp. Essentially a tidied up version of WotR. This will help me when launching my very long-term project: Getting new players into the hobby. Estimated date for kickoff: 2017.
5.0 Touch up Radagast on Rabbit Sleigh. I need to make it pop! Colours are my friend!
6.0 Start a new project! This project has to follow the following rules: It mustn't take up a lot of space. It must be convoluted and somewhat complicated. It should already have some sort of rules in the game (tired of making all these fantastic contraptions that only I can use and hence never will use!). It should be some sort of theme, preferably in 25 mm, sort of like the Ringwraith Project, and alike the project just mentioned, need to consist of several modules/parts-of-the-project. See image below point 7.0.
7.0 Touch up the painting on the Council of Wizardry - especially Pallando and Radagast.

8.0 Look at this list, to see what else I've promised myself to do.
9.0 Post an image of my test-hobbit (from a 1:72 peasant). Project first mentioned here.

My vacation was spent by the brackish water of the Baltic. I met the white/true-Swede version of the immigrant thugs that roam my local streets: Young, white, drunk soon-to-be-men in Volvos. They were equally unpleasant but not as dangerous to my physical well-being as the ones I am normally used to handle. Equally annoying, though.

A lot of time was spent playing Adventures of Lollo (8-bit Nintendo, or PAL-system, I think it was called somewhere in the world... or Famicom... or is that the 16-bit version? ... I digress... ). This game was so much fun, I litterarly sat in front of one particular level for 65 minutes, just thinking and trying different ways of clearing it (it was a middle-tier level, floor 4). And the next day, after sleeping, I cleared the floor within 3 minutes! Thank you John Blund.

There's a bunch of work to be done at my company so I won't be doing especially much Lord of the Rings-things, but I thank you for stopping by and reading here every once in a while, even though it sometimes goes a bit slow. And thank you guys for giving advice when I ask for it and also for the sometimes kind words and (hopefully) sincere critique which helps me get better at sculpting and other things (ever so slightly) over the years.

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  1. Welcome back Mr Lama! Good to have you back and keen/motivated to do so e great projects you have listed. Looking forward to seeing them develop.

  2. Thanks! I will try to follow this list more or less :) And now when I know at least one person will hold me to it, I just have to do it.