The smell of burnt car...

... is quite heavy nowadays, in the "New" Sweden. This week's toll in my part of town: 8 cars, a garage (three garage-ports), some random beatings etc etc.

This is how my first night of the summer vacation was "celebrated". I removed the sound. It was not much: Me saying some things, three car alarms going berserk and some "youth" yelling at the firemen. The firemen have been instructed by their bosses not to use the blue-lights and sirens when responding to car fires and other "youth"-arsonist-related calls. It is "provoking". I fuck you not: It is considered "provoking" towards the "youth"! I never went closer since the police arrived to protect the firemen and they generally behave more aggressive against us innocent bystanders than against the perpetrators.
      Two of the cars exploded in a spectacular way. I do not care anymore, but I just wanted to show the pillar of smoke that later became much larger as other cars caught fire. And as is so common with UFO-sightings, my camera died just when the action started, hehehehe.... So, you'll have to take me on my words here.
      No hobby news, as you might expect from the days just before vacation ("clearing the desk", I believe it is called), I'll be leaving town for other stuff and hopefully leave most of this burning multiculturalism behind me.
      Tomorrow I'll be having a date with a newly employed girl from work. Yay! Appearantly she hasn't really grasped what it is we try to do at work (make money), since she really doesn't seem to care about the fact that I've costed ridiculous amounts of money for the company. And not to mention the amount of low-aggression arguments I've started with my even more incompetent bosses. Or perhaps she's just impressed with bad boys - bad as in incompetent... ;)

Impressed by aggressive incompetents?

What to do when back in the banlieu then? Well, to post some updated army-pics, that's first on the list of priorities. Secondly, to post a battle-report. This time with terrain featuring in the pictures! But not necessarily in the battle itself. I would also like to work some more on the War of the Ring-rules.
    Also, finishing the Rhûn automatons... Watching Futurama is also important...
    Okay, that's my rant for tonight. See you when I see you.

Salve et salvete.

EDIT: Realized this post was a bit dark, so here's a truly entertaining post from Laughing Ferret.

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  1. Nothing wrong with going a bit dark now and then- I've had plenty of dark rants on my blog that get rather extensive ;) Crazy about those car fires. Yikes.

  2. Glad to hear it, I've done quite a few of them recently but now I'll give it a rest. Literally. :D