GW: New releases for The Hobbit

Some overpriced characters, got no comments on them. Azog looks fine and the warg looks pretty good. I wonder how long his arm will stay attached, though...

Linky to young Thorin Oakenshield.
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4 kommentarer:

  1. That arm does look a bit fragile, and considering that it will be finecast and i've heard some bad things about finecast. Just rumours though as i haven't bought a GW product for years!

  2. I have seen some quite typical examples of finecast and they were even worse than the horror images circulating the web! So, never bought one, and that comes from a person who's a sucker for resins...

    In regards to the pricing: After reading a blogger's quite well informed opinions on how the models for The Hobbit are to be considered almost exclusively collector-stuff I have nothing especially bad to say about their pricing, I just don't buy it any more.

    And good on you for not buying GW for years ;) Perry Minis FTW!

  3. It is funny how GW release these things almost secretly. It is a collectors hobby now isn't it. I painted up Escape from Goblin Town, and may be sucked in by the next movie to buy a couple of new pieces too, but I am just not that inclined to game too much with them. They do look great though - if only I could paint them properly!

    1. Yeah, the painting is a problem :D But I think your stuff looks pretty sweet.

      Anyway: Couldn't have put it better myself, this with GW "sneaking in" The Hobbit releases!