Last Formation of Goblins for War of the Ring

The last formation of gobbos for the upcoming War of the Ring-battle is taking shape:

 Not a lot of love was given to the pictures - as tradition bides, so everything's fine.

Nothing especially complicated with the trays or the bases, really. Artist paper-boards (some sort of thick card that warps very little when glued upon but can be cut very easily with sharp scissors) without any elaborate cork or polystyrene elevations. Just decorated. Decorated with what? Decorated with the following:

- 4 large toadstools.
- 10 smaller mushrooms.
- 1 Giant Bat.
- 3 barrels with goblin chemical warfare-stuff in them. Think tiberium-water or Ninja Turtles mutating powers.
- 2 dwarven shields.
- 1 broken dwarf axe.
- 2 dwarven stones.
- 4 disgusting giant bugs (that are connected fluff-wise with the barrels and the look of the gobbos).
- 1 goblin base with giant bugs.
- 1 trophy pole with a skull (from the Escape from Goblin Town-box)
- X number of pieces of cork and small pebbles.

The whole project was a case of decoration.
    You may notice that the Goblin Scribe and his little contraption is used as a filler, though there are five goblins on the 40 mm base (from em4-minis, I think it is 41 mm because it doesn't fit on a official GW WotR cavalry tray). I think it looks funny and makes the rotten looking goblins look sturdier, like they have some sort of purpose rather than run up the enemey without descent weapons and NO armour just to die. The scribe could be given some special rule to further this narrative purpose...

I will try to mimic the paint style of a blogger that I follow, we'll see if he calls me out on it.

Lastly, the promised box of Goblins from Games Workshop never did show up. I think it might be good ol' Swedish Mail that either stole it or thrashed it someway and didn't bother to notify me.
       I did not want to complain to Games Workshop about a box they sent me just to be nice (although I did send the broken models back to them in a little parcel) so I think I'll let this one slip. Too bad, I had grand plans for those 15 of the 18 goblins I was expecting... but I just can't bring myself to actually buy another set of them. Anyways, that's the reason why this formation got a lot smaller than I originally had intended...
      What do you think, should I notify GW about this or is it perhaps a bit too much? Complaining even when they try to do right?

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    1. Tricky one... You could see if they had a tracking number to trace the parcel? No harm in that?

    2. Oh, of course - the tracking number! They did send me one but I figured it didn't really mattered like it was some sort of order number or something GW-internal.

      I'll give the local Post a call though it might be a little late. But better late than never, as they say. Thanks, Scott!

  2. Bummer about the box from GW. You should go on to ebay and pick some up super cheap. I have a few goblins kicking around too (about 12 or so) - could arrange to send them if you gave me some details.

    1. Thanks man! But I couldn't :) Not that I am very much tempted, it is just that I am running out of space to store my models - so in a way I should be glad that the gobbos never turned up! Again, thanks!