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The Rhûn project is still running. I have gotten my order from figurspel.se and the three discount War of the Ring movement trays (needed only one package which equals three trays, in case one of you dear readers are unfamilliar with Lord of the Rings: War of the Ring) and they will be used to uniform the rest of the models in neat companies and formations.
     In an earlier blogpost I said something about a Rhûn Automaton, inspired by a small publication from Crown Enterprises' M.E.R.P (Middle-Earth Role Playing). I did a very inspired sketch and later a not-so inspired skeleton for the basic structure. Upon finishing the basic sculpture I realized it was too much work for something I could very well buy with the money I got from working a bunch of overtime. OT is not well paid at my work, but still, I thought I could indulge in a Khemrian Warsphynx (sic). When inspecting the frames, the realization came to me instantly:

Why not make two out of the kit, thus serving me twice the amount of entertainment. I have put off finishing them since, as noted earlier, my habitat is saturated with models, but I have now spoken with the person involved in storage in my flat-block and it seems I might get one or even two square-meters of storage. The storage-woman was almost as hard to find as the time needed to get the basic work on the automatons done...

... what hasn't been hard to find, though, is trouble. The warm weather have made the "youth" restless and crime has increased. As is normal nowadays, in the "New Sweden". To top it all off, the town have been invaded by pikeys, would you believe it! And gypsie beggars (granted, they've been here for almost seven, eight years, but this year it has exploded).
     But the things listed above was not the the worst part of the last week, no, the worst part is that I again got "promoted" to "overseer" at the most important part of my workplace, called the "Brain".
     The following is supposed to be taken as an enjoyable little story, under no circumstances were I feeling bad, I quite enjoyed it, just like last time when everything fell apart around me at work. It seems I have been blessed with that kind of heart.

Once again everything fell apart at work. This time I got no help and had to juggle stressed-out lorry drivers under the clock, stressed-out truckers, an under-boss with PMS, my own boss with PMS and some testosteroned-out truckers that got fed up with everything being blocked up, smashed and just turned into shits - thanks to me... heheheh... Not to mention the little "miss-communication" to a major airport handling some things for us... the last part was actually on purpose because:
       I finally realized this "promotion" was a "smart" step for the underling bosses to easier get rid of certain employees during these times of heavy downsizing. At least I managed to escape the dreaded "disciplinary talk" that another workmate got. As a Swede, all these things might not directly lead to unemployment and possibly drug abuse, but they surely are perceived equally un-enjoyable, to put it midly. And again, as a Swede, you are really not used to bosses screaming at employees. It really is a fascinating place to be nowadays, everyone's so stressed out. Especially when we have a skeleton crew during summer industry vacation and no AC to deal with the heat.
     Last time I was "promoted" (and instantly demoted) I managed to get everyone's lunch cancelled due to me sending things where they were not supposed to go, wasting huge amounts of money and telling truckers and lorry-drivers that "everything's fine, just go with your cargo" when things obviously wasn't fine. And why is that? Because the people downsizing thought it was good idea to let one man - without any knowledge what to do at the aptly named workstation "Brain" - fill the space of a formerly three man work-station. It's just not possible for one guy being everywhere, directing half wits with trucks, answering stupid and/or pertinent questions from locum-tenens, NOT being allowed a phone due to "security reasons" etc etc. It all ended well: I left early for din-dins at home. Not really employee of the month... but I got a good laugh from it.
    All in all, the above "story" was not as enjoyable as I thought it would be to read. When proof-reading it I had a blank bored face so sadly, I give the story above 1 Llama-head out of 5.

--- --- ---

In other news, I got a person willing to trade the WHFB-models I had in exchange for some LotR-stuff. I sent this Sunday, it was going to be processed by the local mail on Monday.

I have got the mail-chit that says the package the UK-person sent has arrived. Only problem is the idiot-postal workers lost the chit in my staircase. And as you might remember, my staircase isn't the best place to be or lose things in. Shoot-outs and other bad things happen. As well as me, stealing everything I see! But this time I was lucky and found the mail-chit* laying in the staircase. It had layed there untouched for two days! Sometimes you're lucky...

*) Receipt to prove you are the recipient of the parcel, don't really know what it's called in English.

EDIT: Thanks to Scott for your suggestion in what to do with the box of goblins that never showed up. I asked the Swedish Mail and they said they do nothing when the parcel is from another country. It was a matter for the company that sent the lost box. I decided not to ask GW about it, since it never was about me getting stuff. I was just, and still am, very happy that they politely answered my e-mails and sent me a box without me (sort of) asking for it.

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  1. Your creation looks cool, but work sounds a bit chaotic!

  2. Thanks mr Max :) Work is chaotic and good thing I, well all of us, have our hobby to relax with!

  3. If only work did not get in the way of our hobbies! Sounds like hard work for you, but I'm looking forward to the next creation developing. It looks interesting from the photo above. Would love to see a group photo of all your pieces together some time.

    1. But sometimes, work is actually quite a good little change from all the happy fun times at home :) Well, not really, but one really appreciates the free time even more after a difficult work-week.

      A group shot will definitely come up soon or maybe later in August. Most of the Rhûn army is done. These automatons are whimsical lacks rules and I do not intend to use them in a game, but I want them to be done before getting the whole Easterling- & Khand-gang out for the old group photo.