Bear (28 mm) - possibly for War of the Ring

The "possibly for War of the Ring" comes from a long wanting to do either a Narnian army or an army even more foresty than the Edheldu army that I once did. Since this bear turned out not as characterful as I hoped, due to bad planning - I didn't even had a sketch, I just used the BoFA-bear as a template - this particular bear will be used as a giant bear for a very foresty army.

The nose will be painted black... otherwise there's only the claws that need some GS-work and then some paint. Only problem is, I am out of green stuff! Bad planning is to blame and I also refuse going to the local GW-store and buy five grammes of the stuff for 100 SEK. So, trusty figurspel.se was my rescue, though I have to wait a week for the package meaning the completion of the bear will never happen because I will most likely have moved on to other projects by then. That's the beauty of a hobby, it is not that important.

 Below we can see some work in progress-pictures.

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  1. Very smart work, mate!

  2. Thanks, Scott! I feel like all I paint is brown nowadays :)