Sculpting Beorn!

... or a generic huuuge bear. If you remember the size of Beorn on the BoFA-box, you can see this project has gone another direction. But I still feel I should have gone the PJ-way, which of course is "more is better" and "more is more" etc...

The head is really just a placeholder. I included the BoFA-version (Battle of Five Armies) of Beorn, which has been used as a template. The bear (or perhaps Beorn if the sculpting turns out okay in the end) will be rearing as to look more aggressive. The left paw was intentionally left looking passive.
     I have ordered silicone from Germany and await my payment to finally get processed and arrive so they'll send the parcel. The silicone will be used to make some homemade 64 mm bases if I want to make another bear, but this time a truly huuuge one...

EDIT: Forgot these images:

The role of Beorn happens to be played by a Swede. I will not mention his name because he is one of the biggest douches in this country-

 I really like this over the top painting above, it is very much alike the box cover for Battle of the Five Armies.

A bear looks almost boring when just depicted like this one above so I will use my artistic freedom to make the sculpt look a bit more interesting.

The idea of making hobbits from Zvezda medieval peasants in 1:72 scale hasn't been forgotten.
    Also, inspired by Jamie from Rough War (of the Ring) I finally got my crap together and learned how to make PDF:s - easy as a baby's poop if you have OpenOffice! Now I only have to learn how to upload PDF:s to the internetz.

ALSO: Games Workshop promised me a box of replacement goblins. They never came. Thank you very much faith/luck, or if it was GW that pulled a number on me*.

Radagast's Racer has been put on hold for the moment - I will return to that project at a later date, as well as post some pictures of the finished Elven Swan Sky Chariot (workname). Swan Chariot sounds a little bit better... Abrupt end!

*) Is that an expression that fits here? Meaning "they fooled me"?

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