Radagast's Rhosgobel Rabbit Racer - PP2*

PP2) Painting Part 2.

But before going into the images I would like to take this moment to prove myself wrong. The rioting continued all over this formerly nice country and my part of town got more than I could've guessed it would:
        A workmate who also lives in this area counted three police-buses and five regular police cars, and I counted two civilian police cars patroling and searching the bike- and walk-roads between the different areas here. There was also police officers stationed at many smaller intersections. I do not want their job - they seem to be totally tied by the politicans who control their top-bosses. "Do nothing and we can't be accused by anyone", seems to be their motto.

Despite the substantial presence of our violence-monopolists (without riot-gear, because riot-gear seems "so offensive" according to idiots that appearantly decide things in this country), the nearby school was torched, a commercial structure and something else which we couldn't get what it really was that burned until later (a vehicle of some sort). Some of the rioting immigrants/racists also robbed and beat down a couple of Swedes during this mess. No arrests were made.

The papers says everything's fine and has calmed down. I suppose this might be a light version of Winston's everyday...

The only good thing is that instead of going for a long and relaxing walk in the nearby park I stayed inside and painted a little bit instead. Plus watched Arrested Development season 4.

 I added a bird and hedgehog.

 Shine a little light on Radagast...

Here he is. A dour face. He will hold reins that are finished but that I somehow forgot to attach and realized this just now. This would probably be called a "doh"-moment if I weren't so tired, hehehe...

Again, the weird light makes a whole bunch of colours dissappear for some reason - the base has greens and reds as well as different shades of brown on it, it is not an even black as these images suggests.

More tufts are to be placed on this piece. And radagast will finally get his last licks of paint. But that's likely in the far future, for different reasons that are uninteresting when taking into account that this is a hobby blog. Good day.

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  1. Excellent work on the sleigh - I look forward to seeing the final product!

  2. Wow, and I thought GW's was dynamic and had lots of opportunity for a scenic base! This sets the standard very high for any other sleighs I see. Great job.

  3. OMG! what a legend, I'm totally inspired

  4. @ EVERYONE!

    BIG THANKS guys! I appreciate your kind words - I've been kind of tired (work) and haven't even had the time to check/update neither my own blog nor check others so this was nice to "come home to" :D

    I will try to finish it (some serious touching up is needed) and take some GOOD pics later on.