Sculpting Radagast on Sleigh - Part One

A humble beginning.

The plan was to not sculpt a new Radagast but rather reposition the limited edition (well... ) one that came with Escape from Goblin Town. However, when I planned this project I came to think of a little bugger from one of the Perry Miniatures ranges, a Nafta Warrior - a crude flame-thrower guy, if you will. He had a sufficiently enough similar pose and so I dug him up from the box of unassembled models.
        Lately, after looking at projects made by good sculptors, I have learnt the lesson of using the right mixtures of blue and green when using green stuff. I am now forcing myself to use more of the blue part even if it means I will end up with just yellow and no blue after a while. It might save me a few crowns to always use a 50/50-mix, but the time and annoyance to use a mixture that's not even close to satisfying is just stupid, and hence, I will now use the correct mix of blue and green to make different parts of figures I sculpt. A more blue GS to general shapes and a more yellow-ish mixture for beards and furs and the like.

Anyway, in the pic above there are the three main parts of the sleigh and the beginnings of a new Radagast. Finally found a use for the so called liquid green stuff (which probably are acrylic plastics and not epoxy, which might explain the heavy shrinkage and uselessness): I painted it on the metal wire for a whole slew of positives: Easier to get the primer to stick and easier to work with when attaching GS.

Lego Radagast that proved more inspirational than I first thought. And a technical yet entertaining and somewhat humorous link about mushing: Radagast's Racing Rhosgobel Rabbits.
The biggest load to carry in this project will be the rabbits. At first, the plan was to make six pairs... twelve rabbits... that's 92 little rabbit legs and 118 ears and a billion pieces of fur to sculpt. Suggestions to this matter? Either decreasing the number or make a whole other creature. And if I were to decrease the number of Rhosgobel Rabbits, should I make the remaining ones even larger?!

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  1. Another blogger I follow made a mounted Radagast on a stag. Personally I think those make more sense than rabbits... although PJ did steal that idea with Thranduil's moose-stag("mootag"? "stagoose"?)


    1. Oh, I remember seeing that model a while ago, but never could find my way back! Internet's a maze, sometimes...

      Radagast on a giant bird never felt okay for me, although I think he might be riding one in one of the books. Him riding a moose or a stag - stagoose, yes - is a better idea than the majestic birds which I would think he'd respect too much. Or something like that.

      However, the soft and matiné-feel of The Hobbit just makes the rabbit-racer perfect... At first I sneezed at the idea, but when watching the movie, it was just too charming...

      It would make my life at lot less complicated if I could just settle with ONE creature pulling his chariot. Only problem is: While the rabbit-racer is perfect for the cozy Hobbit-movie, it is very much not perfect for War of the Ring...