Vacation over & Eurovision SC finishing...

... which is not my cup of tea. Not to mention the city it's all held in: Malmö, the city of Crap. I will not delve deeper into the matter... The Eurovision is this year held in my fatherland Sweden and is a big feast for people who make music that hurts your ears - the music is not really my thing but I think we can all appreciate the festive feeling of the whole thing. It is a fine and family friendly affair... Last year's winner was like any radio-music - like potato chips, full of fat, fast carbs and cholesterole for your brain to get slow and simple. The only difference last year to other years was that Sweden happened to win.

Enough with the Euro-bullshit. To get up in the hobby-saddle again, I have made a little list (once again), in what to do.

1) Rectify the fact that some comments had been lost in the spam-filter. I have retreived two comments for now, but there might be more - I do not delete any comments that aren't obvious spam!
2) Finish typing part two of Large Creatures and Contraptions for Middle Earth/Lord of the Rings, or whatever I was going to call it.
3) Inform you that there is a crushing probability that the names for the Blue Wizards, Vindalf Alatar and Pallando, is more or less canon. Canon in that Tolkien wrote it down somewhere but it never was published. And I whom always figured I'd read the names in one of the appendices for Lord of the Rings... But no, apparently, I.C.E. which produced an RPG with Middle-Earth as playing ground, worked closely with either Christopher Tolkien or someone at Tolkien Enterprises (no idea how small or large that entity were at the time) and got a unique opportunity to read and use a huge part of unpublished materials.
4) Finish the Misty Mountains-army.
5) Take some pictures of updated armies. Sun's finally here so the pictures should turn out acceptable
6) Make a vignette for this blog.
7) Sculpt a 28 mm llama!
8) Start to collect pieces to make a Grond. I would like to mount it on a mûmak-base. Around 160 mm to work with. I imagine two trolls pushing it and maybe pressing in two smaller Great Beasts of Gorgoroth in front of it - which wouldn't fit, of course, but still... I can not see myself doing it on an even larger base.
9) Completing the Arnor army list. And yes, I am aware that Arnor wasn't a big player in the Ring Wars, but I like the idea of it. And besides, what says you have to play in late Third Age?
10) Try to PDF the finished army-lists from the project to arbitrarily balance War of the Ring as well as make a hyper-abridged how-to-play booklet with the FAQ:s and erratas inserted smoothly and seamlessly.
11) Learn better English grammar. The adjective-end "-ly" and verb-end "-ing" seems to be the only forms used here... Also, has/have might be something you learn in 4th grade, but it has escaped my mind. And more colloquialism! Preferably correctly used colloquialisms...
12) The replaced goblins from Games Workshop will be made into some sort of high-fantasy Mutant Goblins and based on some over the top mushroom littered trays.

And we end on an even dozen.
      Hopefully there will be no terrorist attacks on this "We are one"-fest here in Sweden. What grand irony would it not be - especially considering in the city it's held in... wait, that's not irony, that's expectations fullfilled...
       Hmm... there are more things to do, come to think of it, let's not end on an even dozen:

13) I would really like to make a Radagast's Sleigh! I have some more ideas in the same vein, but we'll come back to that later.
14) Finish the Elven Sky Chariot. Alph means swan in sindarin or noldor, by the way. Maybe it can be used somehow when establishing the final name for this project. The intention is to give the chariot some sort of wings instead of the magic fly-inducing fins, which doesn't really feel (bunny-ear alert!) "realistic".

The chariot needs wings!

15) Currently, I am finishing some rules for many of my homemade projects (I consider these rules sketchy, to be honest, more placeholders than anything) but also for the newly released models for the Hobbit Strategy Battle Game: Grim Hammerers and Warriors of Dale, Hunter Orcs etc. These rules will be published under the now empty page "War of the Ring".


 16) Enjoy some Wäppel-painting.

Sweet painting by Jämes Wäppel.

17) Just seven more months until The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug comes to town!

18) Make the model to the left but with Galadriel instead. Tree-witch-babe Galadriel.
I think I lost track on what I was doing. Good bye for now.

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