Stealing Radagast.

After watching the beautiful and characterful model Radagast the Brown on Sleigh I have decided that I want to make my own - especially after Scott's short comment on its delightfullnes. I want to sculpt a billion rabbits and make a little sleigh and mount it all on a nice 120 mm base. The only problem is: How to make Radagast?
    I already own a Radagast, the running version with Sebastian under his left arm, from the Escape from Goblin Town "Limited" Edition-box. Only problem is, I do not want to start hacking him up. I like my paintjob and do not trust my sculpting capabilities enough to start cutting the model up. So, what to do? Theft, is the answer!
    Veteran readers might know I once stole slate from a DIY-store, and recently I found some hazy clump foliage which I was able to sell to a friend for good money. All good things comes in threes? Do they not? So, a third crime to top it all off sounds like a good idea:

So, what I want are your tips on how to steal a finecast model from a store. Any store. Should I betray the trust of the regular store (easier because they trust me) or shall I have some sort of "criminal's code" and go to a fresh place and do the stealing? Will I use a flashbang as a diversion?

As it stands now, I have planned on using a skimask, kick in the door at the exact moment the store opens and just run inside, grab what I want and go. The other plan is to casually walk in (wearing my best crocodile clothes) coolly say "tjaba" and put Radagast in a bag of groceries. I was considering the somewhat convoluted Mrs Doubtfire-tactic, but after watching Arrested Development I reconsidered...
     Of course, this is not something that will happen, it is just a little comment on the debate on GW and their pricing and how we are supposed to *mainly* perceive the Hobbit as a collector's hobby: The models are now priced so high that it is actually almost a sensible thing to risk stealing them!

In this country, if you steal something small to smallish at a value below 200 GBP/220 EUR, there's a 1,2% chance to get caught*. After that, there's a 50% chance that police will actually show up. After that, there's a very high chance of police dropping any charges because of political reasons ("many-crimes", as they are called, are "supposed to drop in numbers", so our violence-monopolists simply look the other way whenever they can). The chance of not being processed as a petty thief are high, some say around 80% if you are older than 23. Younger petty thieves will be noted either in a five-year running registry after been given a fine or simply released without fines after stating their identity. The youngest will be given a consultation time with a halfwit social worker. It is not mandatory to show up to the meeting.
    So, in the incredibly unlikely event of getting caught in fact happens, you will still only get fined between 80 to 200 EUR depending on the situation and the goods. So, were I to fill my bag of groceries with finecast I would make better money than a convenient store-robber but risk almost nothing! So, kids, you heard it here first, start stealing that goldcast if you live in Sweden, because it's worth it.

*) An internal security educator from my company said this and many other things that might or mightn't be true - he didn't really seem like a sharp knife, like most people being consultants in this country. Parrots, that's what they are...

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  1. LOL thanks for the comment ;-)

    After seeing what you did with the swans I dont doubt this is within your abilities...

    As for the theft I idea, whilst I find it amusing, and understandable even in the circumstances... I cannot condone such behavior...

    However, having dealt with these types of people on the receiving end (I'm in retail), I know what they get up to... and the simple answer seems to be, if your going to bother doing it, and have the risk of getting caught anyway, ... dont just take one pack... clear the shelf in one go... you get what you want and sell the rest! Make the risk worth while... seems to be their modus operandi

  2. Exactly! I believe the thieves have come to the same conclusion as I have, except they know from experience or by instinct(!), I am just a labgeek trying to understand them.

    The finecast models should probably be displayed in jewelry cases or at least be put behind the counter lest not more people without morals will come to same conclusion I did.

  3. Would you want to steal finecast though? ;p

    1. Hehehe! It gladdens me that this post was taken in the right spirit ;)

  4. I thought more on this - instead of stealing the Radagast model and scratch building the sleigh and rabbits... why not just steal the new model with the sleigh - it may save you a bit of time! ;-)

    1. XD I might just do that. I am going to the store tomorrow anyway and *buy* me a flamespyre WHFB phoenix to use either in my HoMM2-3 project OR try really - really - hard to crowbar it into WotR :), so why not just "pick it up" while im there