Painting the Sleigh - Part One

Painting started yesterday even as the green stuff was drying. I got impatient.

There's plenty left to do paint-wise. Radagast shows bare metal on his backpack and on his left sultan-shoe.

Some different angles above... I had hoped I was going to stop doing this but here goes: Sorry for the bad picture quality.

--- --- ---

A garbage room was torched tonight as well as something that exploded in a series of detonations. Probably a car... Still, my part of town has been largely ignored. The small political opposition in my country called our ruling prime-minister for Emperor Nero: Playing his violin whilst the capital is burning.
    Rain has fallen and it seems like all is quieting down finally. Fires are still being lit and schools and pre-schools are being burnt as I type this, but the stoning (not yet any fatalities - despite their best tries) of normal Swedes as well as firemen, paramedics and police seems to have stopped, for some reason or another - maybe after seven days of intense rock-throwing without opposition, the "kids" have gotten tired... ?

4 kommentarer:

  1. Excellent work on mate, really impressive.

    Sorry to hear of the civil unrest...

    1. Thanks! I know I should avoid typing about the idiot-rioters but it influences my hobby time in a very direct way so I can't stop myself :)

      Especially when media as always are lying about what's happening - it is extra frustrating when you live in it and see which people are responsible... And I don't even live in an extra-bad place.

  2. Wow, I think this is your best work yet. The rabbits look great, the painting as well as the sculpting. I especially like the stripes you've painted on. Great work so far.

    1. Highly encouraging words, thanks :) Especially about the rabbits which really felt like a chore to do - and that's something I think we all avoid when hobbying, it shouldn't feel like going to work!