Radagast's Rabbit Racer - Part Two

The project is going as planned. The rabbits are a hassle, and after a suggestion from mr El Zorro I have started working on a frame to make a stag as a plan B.

Above we can see the rickety sleigh. I used some of my highly praised spark-knowledge to finish the basic structure of this fucker. Below we can see the Nafta Warrior turned into a peaceful porcupine- hedgehog-lover called Radagast.

I loosened his right arm and bent it upwards to hold the ear-flap-hat, just like the model I am trying to copy. Sometimes it is just so relaxing to wholly copy every last bit of a model.

Blogger have been "effing" with my picture-uploading business... but finally, the images uploaded and everyone is happy. Please note that I for some reason thought it necessary to censor my fingers.
    Also, please note that R-gast (as he's called in the 'hood) is a barefoot hippie. There is a huge probability that this will be rectified.

Another sleighing video on uuutuuubee. A kick-sleigh being pulled by a jet. Old video...

2 kommentarer:

  1. This is looking very good, I am impressed with your sculpting talents.

  2. Yay! And thanks, I am surprised it turned out as acceptable as it did. But that's internet for you, one can find many tips to further one's skills and finally a lesson hit home: Use different blends of the GS to make different parts.