DIY Radagast's Sleigh, part three...

Here in Sweden the riots are still going on. The rioteers are "youth" - a well known euphemism that Northern Europeans should know what it stands for by now. The rioteers are of course "religious" and "religious leaders" are basically saying that Sweden is evil and that's why their "youth" (men between 15-30!) are raping and pillaging Sweden. Yes, thank you very much for telling us that after giving you a better home for free and more money than real Swedes get when they're pensioned after 50 years of hard work and taxpaying.

I decided to put the rabbits on a 60 mm base because I wanted to pratice doing dynamic basing. I do not intend to use this model in a game so the unpracticality of it doesn't bother me.

Above, the basic parts: A piece of slate, cork and a piece of a branch. The sleigh is precariously attached to the stick. I wanted the rabbits and the sleigh to look like they are (sort of carefully) traversing rough terrain but still like it had some momentum.

The rabbits are really bad sculpts... but Radagast turned out fine. Next update will probably be about him being painted to semi-acceptable standard. Good evening.

2 kommentarer:

  1. most impressive. it looks like it turned out pretty well to me. I actually like it better than the official GW sculpt - it is a lot more dynamic.

  2. Thank you very much for that!

    I really didn't knew what to say myself of this project... it turned out roughly as I wanted it, but still wasn't pleased, maybe I just have had my face stuck intensly into this project too long to appreciate it myself :D